Sunday, March 1, 2009

Colin Cole Just Got $21 million!

Read that headline again. $6 mil of it guaranteed. Yes, that Colin Cole. Talk about "Just a Guy," holy hell. Decent player, solid guy coming off the bench, an OK motor, not very strong for a guy his size...Twenty-one. Million. Dollars. Wow. I'll bet you don't here a thing about Cole for the next 5 years. Nothing.

GB was flirting with DE Chris Canty, who Matt thought was the old CB from Kansas State. He visited the Giants and took their guaranteed $17 mil ($42 mil total) without visiting the Pack. I guess Green Bay wouldn't guarantee a contract without visiting first so Canty took the "sure thing" contract from New York. This is also a semi-curious signing. Seems like a lot of dough, he's played in a 3-4 since high school, will now be a 4-3 DT in NY, and just became the highest paid D-Lineman on the Giants - more than Tuck, Umenyora (ha, spell check suggests "Omnivore"), and Kiwanuka ("Kiwanis"). Would have been nice, but don't worry, we've got Justin Harrell!

CNNSI's Peter King was with Canty's agent during his slim time as a free agent. Describes how he became a Giant.


Carlson, Waggel, Blau, and Clemons said...

Now what mediocre player can we find to say nice things about us? (Even if they're not getting paid.)

Go Pack

Our dominance over Seattle continues.

lofty said...

osi likes it nasty....

Dogy said...

Good crapping christ. Ted Thompson... you SUCK.

garcia said...

"Weirdest thing I heard over the weekend: Pack gave their coaches the weekend off. They'll be in today, and this week, to work on the free agents. I'm told that has meaning -- that the Packers want to send the message that free agency spending these days is profligate, and they'll get in when the Dan Snyders get out."

~~Peter King

What does that really mean for the future of the Packers with T-squared at the helm?

Anonymous said...

Means they're not going to overpay for mediocre players.

Anonymous said...

Dan Snyder: best season has been 9-7 in the eight years he's been there.

Free Agency is for suckers.