Monday, March 9, 2009

Attention Future MLB Stars. Do Not Marry at a Young Age

It appears as if Brewers' super prospect Alcides Escobar went and married a crazy lady at some point earlier in his life. Apparently Escobar's estranged wife sent out a letter to media sources far and wide telling people what an a-hole Alcedies is. She may have sent this to the Chuckie Hacks in-box but it was deleted along with the 20 offers telling us how to obtain a fortune from Nigeria and the impressive offer for a Japanese chemical tanker.

The Brewers blog piece doesn't get into much detail and I can't find and didn't put much effort in to finding the Keith Law blog, but I am going to take a wild guess that this involves Alcides marrying a girl when he was much too young and later learning the joys on the road as a ball player. Alcides is 22 years old. He is a sure fire major leaguer. Why don't you take a year or two and enjoy the perks that go along with that before settling down. If you get married before you can enjoy that, something like thins happens or you end up like Doug Christie and that is not a good thing. According to the JS blog everyone says Alcides is a great guy. I am sure it is somewhere in between but I am going to side with he is a decent guy. This theroy is based on absolutely nothing but my own guess.

Anyhow, I am assuming this is no big deal, but just another strange thing in this day and age of constant media coverage.

Unrelated side note: I enjoyed watching the last couple innings of the Puerto Rico/Netherlands game tonight. I was rooting for the Dutch, I think it had something to do with me taking 3 semesters of Dutch in college. It was cool to see these nobodys hold their own against the MLB All Stars that play for Puerto Rico. That 19 year old looked pretty good. Unfortunately he is in the Reds system. I am on board for the WBC this year. It helps that Braun is on team USA.


Plesac's a Traitor said...

Couldn't find the letter itself, but apparently it's been out for a while. A few other blogs make reference to Escobar abandoning his wife and prematurely-born child. Really hope that isn't the case. That's just despicable.

Plesac's a Traitor said...

Here's the link:

Travis Henry said...

Abandoning your child? What's wrong with that?

Matt said...

Do you want to know what love is?

Bhargava said...

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