Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mount Rushmore Of Wisconsin Sports

Sorry BrewTownBeat, I had to steal your post idea. I apoligize. Remember ESPN's stupid attempt to find "Titletown USA?" Yeah, that was retarded. They made up for it (sort of) by starting a series finding the "Mount Rushmore of Sports" for each state. Yup, the 4 people that would define sports in each state. My votes:

Vince Lombardi: Argulbly the best coach ever. When you win the Super Bowl, what do you get? The Vince Lombardi Trophy. That says it all.

Hank Aaron: Yount is the greatest Brewer ever, but Aaron gets the nod. A WS ring, the "true" home run champ, all time RBI king, and maybe the best baseball player ever.

Pat Richter: Not only did he win 9 letters at UW (All American football player twice, College football HOF) but he completely transformed the UW athletic department into top flight status by hiring the likes of Barry Alvarez, Dick Bennett, Bo Ryan, and Mike Eaves.

Reggie White: The Favre-ites are going crazy. Although he didn't stay in GB long, he's the real reason the Packers won the Super Bowl. He made signing with Green Bay fashionable for the black athlete as NE Wisconsin might as well been Yellowknife, Yukon before White got there. If Reggie doen't sign with GB, neither does Sean Jones, Santana Dotson, Desmond Howard, Andre Rison, Keith Jackson (doesnt accept the trade), and Eugene Robinson. Without these guys - No Super Bowl.

Who's on your Wisconsin Sports Mt Rushmore?


Anonymous said...

Brett Favre has to be on there, period. That Richter fellow needs to find himslef a new rock.

Gov. Tommy Thompson said...

Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau

(oversaw 11 of the 12 titles, only two w/ statues in front of the most historic stadium in Pro Football, works for me.)

Barry Alvarez: By making football relevant at UW, laid a foundation of overall growth of athletic department.

Robin Yount: 3,000 hits, 2 MVPs, 1 hell of a stache, one team.

Honorable Mention:

Hank Aaron: Had he played his entire career here, obviously.

Brett Favre: If this was done in March 2008 before his pea-sized brain went AWOL.

Todd said...

Just don't let it happen again...I was going to let this slide, but I'm such an arrogant POS, I just couldn't.

But I would go:
Favre, Lombardi, Yount, Dayne

ClownShipLollypop said...

Craig Counsell

Nubs said...
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Nubs said...

Honorable Mention list that some j-hole will toss out there as top 4 so just beating them to it:

Eric Heiden, Elroy (Crazy Legs) Hirsch, Al McGuire, Bonyy Blair, Dan Janson, State Sen. George Petak, Don Nelson, Sidney Moncrief, The Big O (Not Lyle), Paul Molitor, Warren Spahn, Eddie Mathews, D.Wade, and Peter Metz

My top four would be:
Lombardi, Alvarez, Farve, Yount

Anonymous said...

Ted Thompson
Mike McCarthy
Aaron Rodgers
Ted Thompson

lofty said...

Nice try great one....

mgd mike said...

Hank Aaron
Vince Lombardi
Barry Alvarez
Curly Lambeau

Honorable Mention:
Robin Yount
Reggie White
Bart Starr
Pat Richter

AP said...

& Aaron are locks

I'd probably say Favre over Alvarez for the last spot, but I could see wanting to put Alvarez on there. I guess I agree with Nubs.

woziszeus said...

Lombardi, Favre, Hank Aaron, Robin Yount.

Tim said...

Lombardi is a no-brainer.

It's hard to leave Yount off of the list.

Including two Packers from the 90's (White and Favre) leaves no room for all-time great Don Hudson or any player from the 60's (althoug having a team full of HOFer's makes it hard for any one of them to stand out as great). Just think back to the 80's when all you could do was talk about how that 60's dynasty was the greatest of all time. Favre's amazing run seems to have diminished those memories for a lot of people.

Andy North is actually from the great state and won two majors, which is no small task (John Daly excluded).

But I am from Illinois so this may or may not matter to you anyway. At least you don't live somewhere that people put Ditka on your Mt. Rushmore.

Nubs said...

Andy North Great Honorable Mention. I'm kicking myself in the cube right now. Co-workers are beginning to look concerned.

two name said...

Anthony Mason obviously has to be in there. Gary Payton for honorable mention.

greatone said...

I hate Favre has much has anyone can hate a human being(outside of Ron Goldman's hate for OJ). However Favre has to be on there:

My 4:

1. Vince
2. Pat Richter(he brought in Barry)
3. Favre
4. Eric Heiden(the man won 5 Gold Medals in a single games, ever single event)

Mark in now, in 10 years Favre is off and Arod is on though

Keith Ginter said...

Lets be real
1 coach/admin
1 guy from each major sport



Honorable Mention
(only if you have beef with Jabbar)
Glen "Big Dog" Robinson

Keith Ginter said...

While the Richter/Alvarez argument is a good one, if you start including all these admin types, then you have to include Ron Wolf.

And then probably Bob Harlan.

Why not Holmgren then?

Lets then throw in Starr for coaching because if he never showed us how bad it could be, then 1996 would not have tasted so sweet.

wv23 said...

i'll weigh in on indiana:

Larry Bird
Oscar Robertson
John Wooden
Rod Woodson

Non-natives Included
Larry Bird
Oscar Robertson
John Wooden
Bob Knight

HM: Peyton Manning

Mike Eaves said...

Bob Johnson has to be on least as an honorable mention

Lance's Other Nut said...

Two Words:

Burleigh. Grimes.

Like the greatest spitballer us cheeseheads has ever seen doesn't deserve to be on there?

Maybe he could be the Crazyhorse to our Mt. Rushmore?

ClownShipLollypop said...

I'll weigh in on Illinois:

1. -
2. -
3. -
4. Rock Hudson

Anonymous said...

Lombardi, Yount, Favre and off-the-wall pick Mark Johnson. '80 Olympic hockey team. National Championship winner coaching the Badger women. Yes, I'm really biased on that one.

garcia said...

Joe Wolfe, Sam Okey, Julian Swartz and Duaney Duaney

Chris said...

Robin Yount
Al McGuire
Vince Lombardi
Barry Alvarez

Honorable Mention:
Paul Molitor
Hank Aaron
Brett Favre
Bob Uecker

thecobra said...

Keith Tozer? How does The Big Dog get Honorable Mention in Wisconsin?

As a native of Gary how does Big Dog not get an Honorable Mention for 3 Big Ten Titles?
Gene Keady??????

ClownShipLollypop said...

Julio Machado