Monday, February 16, 2009

Still On An NBA Roster?

Right before the All-Star break, I was taking in the Bucks game against the Pacers when I noticed a lanky guy with the last name "Baston" on the court for Indiana. That's right - Maceo freaking Baston is currently collecting an NBA paycheck, about a decade after he left Michigan. And he's not just some expiring contract - he actually plays.

With nothing else to talk about until mid-March, Brad and I thought it would be a good idea to play a new Chuckie Hacks game called "Still On an NBA Roster?"

The game is simple - I'll list 10 players, 5 of whom are currently on an NBA team's 15-man roster and 5 of whom are not. You guess which guys are still around.

Adonal Foyle
Calvin Booth
Michael Olowokandi
Darius Miles
Danny Fortson
Bonzi Wells
Eduardo Najera
Scot Pollard
Othella Harrington
Chris Mihm

No cheating.


Paul said...

im going with mihm, pollard, miles, booth, and nahara. miles definitely is, im pretty sure on pollard, booth, and mihm, and nahara is my best guess of the remaining losers

Matt said...


But wrong.

Goldy said...

Miles, Najahra, Pollard, Mihm.

I can't remember who the other guys are, but I'll throw out Courtney Sims of Michigan fame. He is on a 10-dayer with the Suns. I know Bracey Wright and Dee Brown are out of the league.

Anonymous said...

Trick question, all out?

Matt said...

No trick. Believe it or not, 5 of these guys are on an NBA roster.

Nubs said...

Miles, Mihm, Foyle, Wells & Olowokandi. Gotta have the Candyman on there.

I hate the NBA but catch enough sportsceter to make this educated guess.

two name said...

foyle, mihm, pollard, najera, booth

Matt said...

As he should, being our resident NBA expert, Two Name nailed it.

Paul was close but Pollard is not in the NBA any longer.

I couldn't believe that Foyle and Booth are still in the NBA. Booth has played a grand total of 1 minute this year.

Of the guys who are out, Bonzi was playing in China this year until he quit. Kandiman and Othella Harrington were actually on NBA rosters last season, which I find hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

on first appearance i'm gonna go with:

Adonal Foyle - no
Calvin Booth - yes
Michael Olowokandi - no
Darius Miles - yes
Danny Fortson - no
Bonzi Wells - yes
Eduardo Najera- yes
Scot Pollard - no
Othella Harrington - no
Chris Mihm - yes

- sanchez