Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Robbie Alomor = Not Good Times

And he thought hacking a loogy on an ump was bad. How about this from the AP (no, not legendary commenter AP, the Associated Press):

An ex-girlfriend of Roberto Alomar filed an explosive lawsuit alleging the former baseball star insisted on unprotected sex for four years despite having AIDS.

The lawsuit, filed Jan. 30 and transferred to U.S. District Court on Wednesday, contains accusations that could not be corroborated but portray Alomar as someone who demanded sex without a condom despite showing obvious signs of HIV.

Wow, that's not something you hope for. Why the Kelly Gruber card? Why not?


AP said...

That's the '89 Topps, right?

I have that complete set. I can't wait to run hom and check my Beckett's price guide to see how much that Gruber card is worth.

AP said...

...and, I mean home. I won't be running hom today.