Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do We Really Need To Talk About This Again?

I'm going to spend about 45 seconds responding to Woz's post below.

In brief, I don't know what's wrong with Favre admitting he wanted to "stick it to Ted".

Wow, after Favre wanted to come back to Green Bay but Ted didn't want him back, he wanted to go out and prove Ted wrong? No way! That's so weird! That's such a human response to the situation!

Somebody please explain to me why this is a big deal.

(By the way, I think spite is one of my favorite motivators. It's outstanding, in my opinion.)

If you want to see how a classy organization handles things like this, check out how Jacksonville treated Fred Taylor. Before free agency started, they told Taylor, their all-time leading everything running back, that they didn't want him any more. They had a younger, cheaper player to play RB. They said Fred, you can retire as a Jaguar, or if you want to keep playing we will release you and you can get a jump-start on the free agent period and go find yourself a job.

Mortified of Brett Favre coming back to bite him in the ass in Minnesota, Chicago or somewhere else, Ted took a different route.


common sense said...

Why didn't the Jets just release Favre instead of placing him on their retirement list?

Because if he gets his famous "itch," the Jets own his rights to trade him in July.

Anonymous said...

Favre's the jackass who started talking about all this again...

AP said...

Yes, Matt agreed. Nothing wrong with Favre returning for spite, or money, or pride, or whatever freaking reason he wants. He's earned the right.

but then...

Why is there anything wrong with what Ted did? Why did the Patriots franchise Cassel instead of just sending him on his way and wishing him the best? Why haven't the Chargers outright released LT yet? The answer is because these guys are assets, and GM's don't really care about their widdle feelings, nor should they. The Jaguars situation is different, because no team on Earth is going to give up anything of value for a 30 year old RB. The 8 figure yearly salary that Favre made in Green bay purchases any and all concern for his feelings.

Believe me, last year the Pack release Favre and he signs with Minesota the shit-storm is twice as big for TT. Sure it would've been "classy", but like, "classy" would be really, really stupid in this situation.

Oh, and...
Rodgers right now>>>Favre right now.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize what would have happend had Ted let diva walk to MN? Just think of the pressure ARod would have been under playing against Brett, I mean come on. It was 100% Favre's fault he didn't come back. Just b/c the Packers didn't throw roses at him to please come back. They knew he was done(please see his last month of the season).

When Brett gets the tich in June I'm going to lol for a good 3 days, and I will say I told all you guys. Remember like Zeus said Favre had done this every year for 5 years, just show up for minicamp in June. It was time to move on, and I'm so glad his legacy is tarnashed, even a little.

BTW I would love seeing Arod come out in a #4 next year, I bet TT would sing off on that

Matt said...

You know what AP? I can buy that. You're right, LT is a much better comparison than Fred Taylor.

I don't blame Favre for being mad at Ted. And I don't blame Ted for trading Favre if he thought Rodgers was the better QB for 2008.

But the amount of vitriol spewed in Favre's direction over this just completely baffles me. It's as if everyone thinks he had no right to continue playing if he wanted to continue to play.

I think it's the fan's widdle feelings that are most at issue here.

A reasonable human said...

Favre has the right to play to whenever he wants.

But the Packers will always hold the right to who plays for them.

That should and will never change.

The drama queen is at least 95% at fault. Bottom line.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an issue with Bert Favruh wanting to play. But he was such a weasel about it. That's what bothered me, at least.

Anonymous said...

Matt, your point is right on.