Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Corey Hart Signs, Goldy Is Sad

Corey Hart and the Brewers settled at the midpoint of arbitration figures today, which raises several questions in my mind.

1. Does Goldy hate Corey Hart more than I hate Tim Jarmusz? It's close, in my opinion.

2. Will all of this money go to Corey's head, meaning that he'll start to treat Brewers fans as inferiors not worthy of his respect?

3. As a higher-paid athlete, will Corey begin to develop a strike zone? Or will he feel like he has to expand his strike zone even more, because he's not "up there to walk"?

4. If they were just going to settle at the midpoint, couldn't that have been done in January?

5. If you or I interviewed Corey Hart and Ryan Braun, would they anything other than "obviously" or "definitely"? Something to monitor this year.

"I definitely would be pro-multiyear contract," Hart said. "I would like to be in Milwaukee my whole career if they let me. That's why I reported to camp [before the contract was finalized], because I didn't want to miss any days with those guys. I want to be a part of the team.
"We haven't talked about [a multiyear deal] but when it comes up, I will definitely listen."

So many questions.


Wrigleyville said...

1. definitely.
2. obviously.
3. obviously. definitely.
4. definitely.
5. obviously.

brad said...

Let me guess, WV:

1) Hart
2) Jenks
3) Jenart
4) Hart
5) Braun

Anonymous said...

a redneck with money. this should be fun to watch.

Goldy said...

I still have yet to figure out if Hart is a giant douche or a turd sandwich. He is no manbearpig, that is for certain.

Wrigleyville said...

definitely, brad.

Nubs said...

I like sitting next to Goldy at games. I'm hoping for a great year of listening to his in game rants.

Here's hopping Hart and JJ both make the all-star team and lead the crew to a NL Central title. Sorry Goldy, Kieth Ginter isn't coming back.

Charlie Marlow said...

Hey anonymous-

Do you think Hart will turn out more or less like Brett Favre, based on your "hick with money" observation?

I'm sad too. I wanted The Mustache to absolutely no-vasoline Hart in that arb hearing. Ah well.

Matt said...

In retrospect, I feel bad comparing my hatred of Tim Jarmusz to Goldy's hatred of Corey Hart.

I just hate Jarmusz when Bo Ryan decides to put him in a game. I have nothing against him as a person other than when he is playing basketball during a Badgers game.

Goldy's hatred of Hart is complete, I believe, whether he's playing RF for the Brewers or sitting on the couch watching TV.

Goldy said...

On the plus side, my dislike of JJ has no almost completely disappated. I always thought he was overrated, but he has proven he is legit. His cold streaks are brutal, but when he is on, it is something to watch.
The thing that kills me about Hart is how people still love the guy. Granted, when I say people, I am refering to casual fans who don't live and die with every pitch. The guy is a complete and utter joke. His comments about the fans I didn't like but could handle. The :i'm up there to swing" bs put me over the edge. That along with two ABs I have mentioned numerous times. Plus, he is always good for a bonehead fielding mistake. I am sure if he ever took his ACTs his score was in Vince Young territory.

Nubs, my in-game rants are pretty tame, except when it involves idiots sitting behind me making statements such as "Sabathia is probably going to get at least $10 million per season as a Free Agent".

Charlie Marlow said...

I have to agree with you Goldy. I absolutely hate Corey Hart. I hope for my blood pressure's sake he has a good season...and learns to be selective at the plate.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty pathetic to be talking about how much you hate Tim Jarmusz. He's 20 years old, on scholarship for a D-1 basketball team. As a sophomore, the Badgers aren't trying to focus their offense around him but when he has the ball, he knows what to do with it. He also plays as tough of defesne as anyone on the team. What I'm basically trying to say is no one has the right to say bad things about him unless you play or played D-1 ball,