Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Way Too Early Draft Guide

An amalgamation of quick hitters while scouring those always accurate Mock Drafts. Packers pick 9th…here’s a list of names to keep your eye on.

GB Needs: DT, DE, OT, CB, LB.


Andre Smith, OT (Alabama)
Matthew Stafford, QB (Georgia)
Michael Crabtree, WR (Texas Tech)


Michael Oher, OT (Ole Miss) - Anybody read this book? Oher (and the LT position) is the main topic and it's pretty clear he's borderline retarded. Because of a terrible upbringing, he entered high school with like a 2nd grade education level. His HS coach had to show him plays by moving around salt and pepper shakers because he couldn't grasp the concept of Xs and Os. That was about 4 years ago, so I'm sure it's much different now...but I'm just sayin'. It's a pretty good read. Oh, and the general consensus from a few scouts is that he's basically a pussy.

Eugene Monroe, OT (Virginia) - Every time I see an O-Lineman named Eugene, I think of Eugene Chung. That's not a good thing.

Vonta Davis, CB (Illinois) - Brother of Vernon Davis. Vernon Davis is a head case. Guilt by association.

Everette Brown, DE (Florida State) - Thoughts of Jamal Reynolds dance in my head...

Aaron Maybin, DE (Penn State) – Smallish, with the proverbial “motor that doesn’t stop.” Some will say "Dwight Freeny," I say "No thanks."

Rey Maulauga, LB (USC) - More of a 3-4 MLB. Not sold on him in the NFL.

DAMMIT! - Cross him off too

Gerald McCoy, DT (Oklahoma) - Never heard of the guy until Todd McShay had GB drafting him at 9 a few weeks ago. Watched him wreak havoc in the Mythical National Championship game vs Florida. He’s the real deal. Unfortunately, Big Mac announced he's returning to OU. DAMMIT!

THE WANT LIST (in no particular order):

Malcom Jenkins, CB (Ohio State) - DE and DT are priorities 1a and 1b, but this guy is too talented to pass up.

Brian Orakpo, DE (Texas) - Texas guys scare me, and he did nothing against OSU in his last game. But…everyone seems to love this guy and he was awesome versus a really good Oklahoma O-Line earlier this year. Plus, he can bench press a Buick - which is nice. The Chiefs will have a serious look at him at #3, as Kansas City had an embarrassing 10 sacks last year. Yes, 10! For comparison, the Packers weaksauce pass rush generated 27. I’m guessing that Tamba Hali pick hasn’t worked out.

Peria Jerry, DT (Ole Miss) - Only to hear my old man refer to him as "Jerry Perry" for the foreseeable future. Actually, I watched him a few times on TV and love him. Ted likes to trade down, and he could probably get Jerry a little lower than 9th. Maybe even in the 15-18 range.

Aaron Curry, OLB (Wake Forest) - See Malcom Jenkins. Easily the #1 LB on the board.

Jason Smith, OT (Baylor) - If you make a name for yourself at Baylor, you must be awesome.

Sen'Derrick Marks, DT (Auburn) - He's a DT with the name Sen'Derrick, what's not to like? A reach at 9.

Greg Hardy, DE (Ole Miss) - Get's the "Plaxico Award" for the guy most likely to shoot himself in the leg after receiving millions of dollars. The nightlife in Ashwaubenon better stand guard. Top 15 talent, though.


Alex Mack, C (Cal) - Can get him around #20. Supposedly "The best Center prospect in the last 10 years." Sounds good to me. Scotty Wells gets banged up quite often, and Mack is a guy that "you can plug in there for a decade."

BJ Raji
, DT (Boston College) - Have no clue about this guy, but he's a DT and automatically in the mix.

DJ Moore, CB (Vanderbilt) - Also around #25. A poor-man's version of Charles Woodson (college years). Cover corner, played a little WR, returned some kicks.


Michael Johnson, DE (Georgia Tech) - This guy is all over the board. A bunch have him top 5, a bunch have him late teens. He’s dripping with talent and ”serious upside potential.” Problem is, one play he's a young Jevon Kearse...Aundry Bruce the next. Then again, people said the same thing about Mario Williams and he’s been great. A physical specimen at 6-7, 255 pounds. I could see him destroy the combine and go in the top 7.


Anonymous said...

Prediction: no matter who we pick, 90% of the dumb "fans" will say TT made an awful pick.

I just hope they pick a lineman (either side) that I never heard of who is solid for years to come. Nothing flashy needed.

garcia said...

Texas guys scare you? Where does Jermichael Finley rank?

Brad said...

Hmmmm...Finley said a few stupid comments. I'll chalk that up to youth. Plus, he was a 3rd rounder, not a top 10 pick. Top 10 Texas guys scare me...Ced Benson, Icky Ricky Williams, Vince Young, Bryant Westbrook, Mike Huff, Mike Williams, etc. All busts and/or headaches.

AP said...

As I've right now, I'd like Orakpo or Jenkins. The problem is, most of these mocks and projections will shift around after the combine. With all of the top tackles projected to be gone by #9, I hope Thompson realizes he might actually have to sign a lineman in FA this year. We have two 3rd rounders this year as well, right?

Brad-Didn't Mike Williams go to USC? I still see your point, though.

AP said...

as "of", not "I've". No coffee yet.

brad said...

AP - Yes, he did. He also went to Texas...differnt guy with the same name. A big fat O-Lineman drafted 4th overall by Buffalo. Remember him? In about 2002?

AP said...

Yes....sorry. I was thinking of the other Mike Williams who was a bust. The WR, who had one offseason and put on like 55 pounds. My bad.....maybe you're right, maybe Orakpo is a bad choice based on the UT thing.

Also, we shouldn't draft anyone named Mike Williams.

Matt said...

I say just pick the best available player based on your draft board.

Or trade down if the best available player will still be available in the 2nd round.

blueguitarbob said...

I'm sorry, _why_ don't you like Eugene Monroe? He's a LT with great footwork and size, plus he has a 4.0 GPA. He comes from a family of 16 children (11 boys), so I assume he learned to be patient at home. He seems like a fantastic young man who loves football.

The Packers have had trouble finding O-linemen with quick feet and good size. Chad Clifton is not going to last another full season. It's a miracle the man is still walking.

Monroe will be in the senior bowl on Jan 24th. I think he'd be a great pick.

brad said...

BGB - You could be right on with Monroe. I don't know much about him, so I thought mocking his name was a good idea. Only hard hitting stuff here on Chuckie.

A LT would be a great idea. That guy from Baylor is a former TE, so he's got great footwork. Clifton's been held together by duct tape for years, and who knows about Taush. I hope they re-sign him on the cheap and maybe he will be ready by mid-season.