Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obviously, He's Tempting

Generally, I like Adam McAlvy's work. So I was tempted to not even post this. But what the hell, it's been a slow winter.

In this story, which by my count is update #3,294 this offseason about how the Brewers won't be re-signing Ben Sheets, McAlvy writes the following:

Yet it is tempting to keep in mind that Sheets has pitched for the Brewers his entire career, and could be tempted to return if he does not find any attractive offers elsewhere. In Milwaukee he would be the team's No. 1 starter and would add depth to a rotation that currently has precious little. Brewers officials say they want to preserve payroll flexibility to make a move once the season starts, but the opportunity to land Sheets at a bargain price could be tempting.

It's a great label for Ben Sheets, actually.



brad said...

Matt - You should re-title this post "Jenks, He's Sheets"

Matt said...

I think Braun might have taken over the "obviously" mantle.

But a good thought.

Geoff said...


Charlie Marlow said...

I saw this too, and read the paragraph to an employee. We had a good laugh and then there was an awkward silence. So I said "wow, and this dude gets PAID to write that shit." And he said "yeah, what the fuck."

Then I sort of sidled away awkwardly.

Keith Ginter said...

Sheets in under appreciated

article from fan graphs