Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sheets Chatter

Via MLB Trade Rumors, a Mets blog is reporting that Ben Sheets is asking for 2 years, $18 million with a 3rd year option and incentives. The Mets want to do a Brad Penny-type deal, with a low guaranteed amount and a bunch of incentives.

If this is true, there has to be something seriously wrong with Sheets' health, to the point that he is not confident about pitching a lot in 2009, doesn't there? Why else wouldn't he go for a 1-year deal to re-establish his value? Why would he want an extra year at $9 m/year, when he turned down arbitration which would have netted him in the ballpark of $13 m for next year?

The only answer that makes sense to me is he wants more guaranteed money ($18 m vs. $13 m) because he isn't sure he can pitch a lot in 2009. Or maybe his agent screwed up by telling him to decline arbitration. Or maybe a combination of the two.

I know lots of fans want the Brewers to bring Sheets back, and part of me does too, but do we want to deal with this again?


woziszeus said...

All deals are pending a physical anyway. I just don't understand how we haven't heard the skinny on Sheeters health.

Again, I will be sick to my stomach if Ben Sheets signs somewhere else for under $10M a year. It will be major failure on the part of Brewer management to not only match or surpass that figure, assuming that Sheets is open to the idea of returning (and why wouldn't he?)

Anoymous Adam said...

I think it is less his health and more a complete f-up on the part of his agent Mr. Boras. If you heard anything about Varitek contract dealing this year "Watney notes that Varitek was not aware when he turned down arbitration that any signing team would have to give up a draft pick. Tek does not blame Boras for this.--MLBTR" then you would know that Boras is an idiot and that he basically screwed Sheets out of a ton of money

Matt said...

Boras doesn't represent Sheets.

Goldy said...

I think we should start a rumor that "Bus" Cook represents Sheets.

Charlie Marlow said...

Per the Cap Times (and via Tom H), The Mustache feels that Ben Sheets won't be back, even though the 'door is open.'

Why wouldn't he want to come back? I'd say he's probably still pissed off that 'stache didn't talk contract extension with him prior to the start of the 2008 season. "Sour Grapes" is the 2009 theme in Milwaukee, I guess.

wrigleyville said...

plus (i think) the market completely collapsed around these guys from late november/early december to today.

Tim said...

Mr. Sheets,
Take the one year deal. Come back to Milwaukee where the fans already like you for the most part. Prove you're healthy and sign a two or three-year deal next year somewhere else. I know that playing for only $400,000 a start is a tough pill to swallow, but I've got your back.
Best Regards,

Justin said...

Sheets does not want to return. He's upset that he wasn't offered an extension in the off-season and already had his mind made up he wasn't coming back.

Either his agent is an idiot for telling him there'd be money on the open market for him, or Sheets is an idiot who ignored his agent's advice, but turning down Arby was a huge mistake.

There are some major issues with his arm though, why else have teams kicked the tires on him and backed off or at least cooled their pursuit after asking to see medical records.

If he was getting good advice from his agent, it would be take arbitration, get in the best shape of your life, put up a big year and break the bank next year, but his insistance on seeking a multi-year deal leads you to believe there is something majorly wrong with that arm, and or his work ethic.