Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brewer Roundtable - Trade Talk

The question over at Bernie's Crew this weekend was possible trade talk for the Crew. A main discussion point was whether or not the Brewers should consider trading Prince Fielder...which of course I am vehemently against. Check out how CH responded (meaning yours truly) about half way down.

I'm happy with the way the other guys on the other Blogs responded. There was actual realistic non-Journal Sentinel commentator-like analysis. You'll see a common theme of people realizing that teams aren't going to give up good talent (or heck, even comparable talent) for mediocre players like Bill Hall or average pitchers like Jeff Suppan. Here's a few snidbits pulled from some of the write ups that I found interesting or were just good points:

From BTB: Well, obviously I'd love to trade Bill Hall and/or Jeff Suppan, but I'm also a realist.

From BCB: To the right team, Fielder could have some value. He's a slugging first baseman, he's uniquely marketable and any team that acquires him will have him under their control for the next three seasons, although his price tag will escalate over those years. Problem is, Adam Dunn is a comparable hitter and he's still a free agent, so if a team were looking to invest in a few seasons of a slugging first baseman, they could sign Dunn and wouldn't have to trade anything away.

Right Field Bleachers were the only guys who wrote saying they were in favor of trading Fielder for anything, signing Adam Dunn, and then trading Corey Hart too. That's definitely going to happen!
Prince is never going to sign a long-term deal with the Brewers so the team might as well swap him if they can get a nice return, whether that's this offseason or in the future. Also, earlier this week, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports suggested the Giants would be willing to trade Jonathan Sanchez for Corey Hart. That's an interesting idea too... What I like best about both of these scenarios though is that the Brewers could sign Adam Dunn to fill the offensive hole the trade would create.

Mostly good stuff with good points. Check out the link.


Anonymous said...

Prince for Clay Buchholz at the deadline

Todd said...

Let's be honest, the BTB is not a realist. At least not the guy that writes the round table.

Veterans Memorial Field for Roger Harring straight up.