Friday, January 9, 2009

"A Rich Man's WAC."

I read someone refer to the Big-12 as "A rich man's WAC." Perfect. Choklahoma drops 50, 60 points with regularity in conference games, then scores a measly 14 against a real defense. Similar results for Texas. And Texas Tech defense...yikes. Ole Miss had a good offense this year, but nothing spectacular. They go to the Cotton Bowl and made the Red Raiders defense look as stable as a stale marshmallow, dropping 47 on them. Ditto for Oklahoma State.

Yet, ESPN/ABC (who has the Big-12 contract) puts all their big games on prime time - pumping these teams to no end. While everybody falls in love with these QB's putting up Nintendo numbers, it's suddenly a "down" year in the SEC. Why? Because they actually play defense (lower scores) and they lost some games to the ACC. If anybody tries to think the SEC is better than the Big-12, ESPN tells you your an idiot. I'm guessing their opinions would change if ABC had SEC games every Saturday night instead of the Big-12.

Anyway, I'm hosting a huge party next week for the USC-Utah and Florida-Texas semi final games. It's gonna be sweet! Everyone is invited, BYOB..


Anonymous said...

Are you going to be there?

brad said...


woziszeus said...

I don't party with Management.