Thursday, January 8, 2009

Open letter to Doug Melvin

Dear Doug,
Let me help you out. I'm sure you got Ben Sheets' cell. Shoot him a text. Here it is: "Ben, 2 years $21M, Ship it now, lv Dougie Fresh"

I'll get back to you tomorrow about that golf trip you want to me to come on.


In other news, barring some MRI that shows structural damage, if Ben Sheets ends up signing with some chump team for under this amount I'm not going to be happy. Again, for this price and years, it just seems like a good fit for the Crew.

In subsequent other news, I'm buying a Trevor Hoffman jersey.


Goldy said...


Justin said...

Too much money. I think the Brewers know something about his arm, and other teams do now too. If Brad Penny signed a one year deal for $5M, I'd offer Sheets one year $7M.

I'd entertain going 2 years, but it would be at $15M topps. I don't see Sheets getting anybody to give him a multi-year deal. His agent should have advised him to accept arby