Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 = "The Year of Brad"

Please. NO wild card flag next to this one from '82

Yes, it's rounding into form. Matt has noticed we're only 8 days into the new year, yet a number of thing have gone my way - some expected, some unexpected:

1) The entire Packers defensive staff - K-bye
2) The Vikings lost their playoff game.
3) Jim Powell - K-bye.
4) The public hatred towards the BCS has never been louder.
6) David toppled Goliath (Utah over Alabama).
5) The Little-11 bowl results? Embarrassing.
6) Now, it appears PJ Hill is foolishly entering the draft. That's great! It gives Johnny Clay full-time duties. I'm telling you, this guy's a thoroughbred.

I like 2009. It's my friend. Because I'm greedy, here's a few more things I want to see:

1) The Packers sign an impact defensive free agent.
2) Packers use the #9 pick on either a DT, DE, OT....a CB would work too.
3) My Grand Am with 120,000 miles NOT exploding
4) The Brewers develop bullpen arms through their farm system.
5) The Brewers ridding the "retro" logo. 1982 is over. Move on.
6) Brewers NOT hanging a "wild card" pennant next to the 82 AL Championship flag in Miller Park. Sorry, pennants/banners/flags are made for Division, League, or World Series championships. Sorry, Wild Card winners do not apply.
7) Jim Pashke and John McGlocklin get on the same flight as Powell out of town.
8) Tons of Madness in March.
9) Dom James shoots better than 4-16 in a tourney game.
10) Andre Dawson - Hall of Famer.
11) My truck with 196,000 miles on it NOT exploding. I'm shooting for 300,000.
12) The Bucks move to Las Vegas.
13) Chuckie Hacks overtakes Deadspin as the most popular sports blog on the web.

See, I really don't ask for much.


rex said...

I see number 1 and 13 coming true. If I have to give it odds, I say number 13 is the best bet.

Is Mike Nugent considered a "big name"?

AP said...

2) Packers use the #9 pick on either a DT, DE, OT....a CB would work too.

Brian Orakpo, DE Texas.


Lance's Other Nut said...

I really wish McCoy would have challenged Jenkins so I could get a better look at him instead of the 3 lousy passes he threw his way...

McCoy, what a pussy.

Anonymous Adam said...

PJ Hill going pro is obviously good for the Badgers but it also good for PJ. He would have lost even more time to Clay and had a good bowl game despite the score. Adding an extra down year to a RB can only hurt his stock even if he might only be a 5th round pick anyways

AP said...

L.O.N.-If a QB who has put up the numbers that McCoy has this year is purposely not challenging a CB, that should tell you all you need to know about Jenkins.

I'm fine with him too. With all of the Tackles and QB's projected to go early, we should be in a good spot to get the #1 DE or #1 CB in the draft.

Goldy said...

I think the Brewers already said they were not going to wear the retro jerseys this season. Only I handful of times I believe. The players hate them. If you noticed last season, the last Friday night game against the Cubs they wore their regular jerseys.

In terms of PJ Hill, that is the correct choice for him in order to maximize the amount of money he could make. I hear most people callign him a 5th round back. Well, wit a proposed rookie salary cap in 2010, a 5th rounder in 09 will recieve about the same contract as a 2nd rounder in 10. Given that Clay will challenge him for carries and he already has a ton of carries and injuries under his belt, it makes sense for him to leave. On the down side, I think Badger fans will miss him much more than they think.

Also, I hope the Bucks never leave town. You can hate the Bucks all you want, but why do you want them to move. Have they wronged you in the past?

two name said...

No. 12 brings a tear to my eye. I don't think David Stern wants any of his referees to stay overnight in Vegas

Anonymous said...

You forgot Favre retiring, unretiring, then retiring and unretiring. Repeat.

ClownShipLollypop said...

How can you hate the retro logo? I'd like to see an official poll on that, because I think the majority of fans would love to have it back.

I'm not living in the past... I'm skating away on the thin ice of a new day.

Justin said...

I'm with you on the logo and Wild Card banner. We've said many times the old logo should go. Stop living in the past, it's not 1982.

Oh and I think you forgot these:

-Dustin Scherer declares pro

-Bret Beilema interviews for the Jets job even though Alvarez told him he'd be fired he goes through with it

Matt said...

Justin, Brad wouldn't wish for those things because he hates the Badgers.

brad said...

Matt - are you implying that it's bad for the Badgers to keep BB? Bring down the ax?

Yes, I do hate the Badgers. The entire Big-11, actually.

Matt said...

I'll give Bielema the benefit of the doubt for 1 more year, but I don't see him surviving another year like he had in 2008.

Not only were they losing, but it was sloppy, disorganized, penalty-filled losing with some questionable coaching at the end of games.

A lot like GB, in fact, in that regard.