Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NFL All-Disappointment Team

Surprisingly, zero Packers made the list. Even I would have thrown Nick Barnett or Coach Pawsitive on there. A couple ex-Packers and guys once rumored to come to GB made the cut:

Mike Wahle, Seattle -- The Seahawks snapped Wahle up in free agency, hoping he could solve the problem they've had at left guard since Steve Hutchinson got away to Minnesota. But Wahle's mediocre play only contributed to Seattle's season-long offensive line issues, and he was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury after just 10 games.

Jason Taylor, Redskins -- After spending most of his offseason Dancing with the Stars, Taylor stomped his way out of Miami and into Washington in a blockbuster July trade. And what did the Redskins get for their $8 million, not to mention their second- and sixth-round picks? All of 3½ sacks and 29 tackles in 13 games of action. Yes, he was injured part of the time, but even when he was healthy, he was underwhelming. Taylor said recently he wouldn't be surprised if he didn't return to Washington for a second season. Neither would we.

• Dishonorable mention: Al Davis, Raiders -- There must be something about the notion of an owner being his own general manager that just doesn't work. Because Davis missed on Javon Walker and DeAngelo Hall this season, and Jones had the failures we noted above.


garcia said...

Derek Frost should have made that list

woziszeus said...

Forward this to Greg Bedard and the rest of the JS staff who think we should have gone after Taylor this past offseason.

Matt said...

Is it an indictment on the quality of the players on the GB roster when the team went 6-10 and there were 0 Packers on this list?

Doesn't that say that the Packers just have bad talent (as compared to other NFL rosters) and didn't "underachieve"?

Anonymous said...

Where is Brett Favre? Oh yeah he made the Pro Bowl w/ a 48 QB rating the last 5 weeks.

brad said...

As a group, they totally underachieved (at least that's what all the local media says). This article was individual players...which I guess nobody made the list.

AP said...

The title of this post would've been a good name for my fantasy team this year.