Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Does Thinsulate Make Suits?

More info on Mike Nolan. I'm sold. From the GB Press-Gazzette.

Nolan also has appeal because though he prefers to run a 3-4 defense, he’s also worked in the 4-3 and mixed that in extensively as coach of the 49ers. In his first season with San Francisco, the 49ers ran mostly a 4-3 and gradually evolved into primarily a 3-4 defense over his three-plus seasons with the team.

McCarthy also might prefer a slower transition to the 3-4, because the Packers’ roster is built to play a 4-3, and switching to primarily a 3-4 in one offseason could be difficult and require major changes in personnel.“He’s good now. He’s smart,” said the scout who’s familiar with Nolan. “He can run 3-4, 4-3, he knows it all. It depends on what personnel you have. He’ll do whatever, morph to whatever. He’ll use your players to their strengths. He’s smart that way.”


Tim said...

I would also agree on the acquisition of Nolan based soley on the fact that you can never have too many "Mikes" as Packers' coaches.

Charlie Marlow said...

Oh I'm with you. The 3-4 has been too long in coming to GB. Well, at least a versatility on defense.