Friday, January 30, 2009

Looks Like Goldy Will Be Able To Listen To Brewers Games This Year

The Journal Sentinel is reporting that the Brewers have narrowed their search for Jim Powell's replacement to 2 candidates, neither of whom have nicknamed themselves the Big Unit (to my knowledge).

I'm somewhat familiar with the work of Cory Provus, and find him to be fairly non-offensive. I'm sure the Pat Hughes connection helps there.

I don't listen to many Diamondbacks games so can't comment on the other guy.


Tim said...

Because of my status as a resident of the Chicago Suburbs, I find myself listening to tons of Cubs games when they are on during the day...Mostly because Pat Hughes is so great. I think Cory Provus has been at WGN for two years and relieves Hughes once a game so he can take a leak. He seems to have modeled himself after Hughes in his delivery style and is pretty good at it. He is also good at laughing at every Ron Santo story for the 50th time, which is a decent trait to bring with you into the booth with Mr. Baseball.

AP said...

Tim, that last trait is probably the one that's gonna get him the job.

rex said...

If Provus gets the job Brewers fans should be happy. Like Tim said, he comes in for relief during the seventh inning toilet stop for Pat Hughes and does a nice job.

Anonymous said...

I saw that Provos is a lifelong, die-hard Cubs fans. I'm sure it won't show, but you know who he'll be rooting for inside during those big Brewers/Cubs series.

Also read tonight that the guy from AZ is out of the running.

Clownshiplollypop said...

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