Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best NFL Mock Draft In The World

Todd from the Brew Town Beat organized a nice little NFL mock draft (first round) represented by a few of the best Wisconsin sports blogs around. Partaking in the shenanigans was Yours Truly, Todd, Bart from The Bucky Channel, and Dan over at the Sports Bubbler's Daily Drink.

All in all it was pretty good times! The Lions actually contacted all of us to assist their war room.

Click here to see all the high(low)lights of each pick.


PJ Hill said...

I think you guys should re-think all of your first round picks

Matt said...

I'm very impressed by that chair. It looks rickety as hell, but apparently it can support Gilbert Brown.

Well done, chair.

garcia said...

Is that a tattoo of the "Gilbert Burger"?

AP said...

RE: The RB's-
You really think Wells is going to go that high? That seems like a reach. Cincy could go Jenkins or look to replace TJ Houshmanmbapuqrp if they lose him with Maclin, and they could still address RB in later rounds. (Maybe Shonn Green from Iowa round 2 or 3? Ringer MSU?)

A lot of the mocks I've seen vary, but that Moreno pick to SD at #16 to replace LT is the one pick that consistently shows up on everybody's board. That means everyone is assuming it's Sproles & Moreno in the Chargers backfield in '09, so where does LT end up?

(Sorry-there's nothing to do here at work today and I'm bored off of my ass.)

brad said...

AP - remind yourself its the Bengals. They might take PJ Hill at 6.

AP said...

Good point. Enjoy Cincinnati, PJ!

Tim said...

Matt -
I think you have been duped by inadvertent trick photography. You are not able to see the other chair that he is sitting on simultaneously. Impressive, nonetheless.

Goldy said...

Yah, there is no way Wells goes that high. I thought I saw him as a second round guy.

Comic Book Guy said...