Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jim Powell - Get Up, Get Outta Here, GONE!

It's official, Powell goes to Atlanta. No more of these dialogs:

Ueck: "One time I was up with two outs in the ninth, we're down one."
Powell: "Yeah." (Starting to smile)
Ueck: "The other team didn't seem too concerned. 3 and 2 count (ignored the first 4 pitches)."
Powell: "Ha, yeah."
Ueck: "Sure, I looked over in the opposing dugout...and they were all dressed in street clothes waiting for the bus back to the hotel!"
Powell: (Even though he's heard this same joke 73 times by now) "Bwwwhahahahahahahahaha! That's great....oh, fantastic. You are the best story teller human history. Can I rub your smokey?"

Better yet when Powell tries to crack a joke, only to get completely stonewalled by Bob.

Bob: "Boy that Ben McDonald sure is pitching a gem."
Powell: (Thinking..."Ooo, I've got a great one here....") "Yeah, you can't call him Ronald McDonald tonight! Hahaha."
- Awkward Silence -
- Awkward Silence -
- Awkward Silence -
- Awkward Silence -
Bob: "2-1 count to Ruben. Sierra."

Actually, maybe I will miss Powell.


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Charlie Marlow said...

I used to love the Ueck stonewalls. That or he'd just give him the courtesy chuckle and carry on.

Larry Wayne said...

Hilarious. Good work Brad.
Brad has a crusher today!