Monday, January 5, 2009

Is The Coaching Search Already Over?

Former Niners coach Mike Nolan was immediately the "hot" name to replace DC Bob Sanders...even before Sanders was canned. Nolan and McCarthey worked together, and had a good relationship, in New Orleans.

Is Nolan already in the fold? According to the indispensable, it sounds that way.

A league source tells us that Nolan currently is in the process of lining up a staff of assistants, and the thinking is that Nolan will be the next defensive coordinator of the Packers.

The JS does a great job sorting through the candidates and the defenses they run. They also breakdown the defensive personal if changing to a 3-4....Nolan's (and others) forte.

First, I would like an ex-head coach as DC. Many times these guys were humbled by failing as head coaches, and realize they're better as a position coach. Ray Rhodes (although had some success in Philly as HC), Gregg Williams, and Rod Marinelli are prime examples.

Second, moving to the 3-4 will be a rough, rough transition. Especially with the lack of quality beef on the Packers D-Line. The JS almost paints a nightmare scenario with about 3 guys on the front 7 suited for the 3-4.

Would delusional Packer fans stand for this? In this age of "start out 0-2 and we fire bomb Lambeau Field," what would another year of struggles while learning a new defense with players ill suited for it's scheme? It's doesn't matter that this could be best in the long run (a young, dynamic offense along with a potent defense). Packer fans want to win now. No, yesterday. Another 6-10 season and MGD Mike's head might explode.

Whatever happens, change is a good, no great, thing for the Green Bay defense. I'm all in favor of Mike Nolan...gulp. If not him, Gregg Williams.


Charlie Marlow said...

bring on the 3-4.

Thompson will probably pick up 10 or 12 D-linemen in the 6th and 7th rounds which will all be products of the trade-down for the Packer's first round pick.

But, I'd like Nolan or (gulp) Romeo Crennel.

D'Amico's one good year said...

I'd actually love to see a 3-4 in GB... It seems a more cost-effective system, as it's easier to find a talented tweener and turn him into a specialist in a 3-4 then it is to find a Reggie White/Mario Williams type of monster. The more athletes on the field, the better. Imagine if KGB had been able to be a pass-rush focused OLB instead of an undersized DE. It would be easy to say he wouldn't have been able to cover in space... but that's going off of our memories of him after being brought up as a DE. It would also fit Barnett, Chillar and Poppinga's skill sets very well. Aaron Rouse would be able to play the position he should be playing (LB). The only odd man out in my mind would be Hawk. Because Hawk is turrible.

I'd like Nolan, especially if he gets to wear a suit. Hell, I might like Nolan as a Head Coach better than Crappy Mac.

AP said...

ESPN and Rotoworld were reporting that it also looked like Winston Moss was pretty much penciled in to be the next DC, since he was the only guy they retained on that staff.

I hope not, because the LB's sucked this year too. Hopefully they are just extending him the professional courtesy of not canning him while he's interviewing for the Rams job. Nolan would be a fantastic upgrade over the stiffs we've had here the last coulpe years.

I was actually thinking we might begin to swicth to the 3-4 at the start of last season. They had the personnel to do that. They still had Hodge, and they had more depth at LB than they did at DT. Kampman, Pickett, Jenkins, Barnett, Hawk, Poppinga, and then rotate White or Hodge in different situations and that's a decent little front 7. It just seemed like it would be the best way to get their best players on the field.

mgd mike said...


First of all my head will not explode.....I am not an idiot, I know how this move is going to effect the team. I am not one of those jerks who sit in a cubical and call into talk radio or write on a blog every day. I live in the real world and know how it works.

To me this was a knee jerk reaction, and was not needed. These coaches just don't forget how to coach!

I believe I said (on New Years Eve) to keep the staff together. Good teams don't go and change their systems. The System works it has been proven.

Consistency and good solid players is what builds teams.

The problem in Green Bay is Ted Thompson! It will not matter who is the Defensive cordinator or what system they run if he doesent get some decent players.
However, his past has show that this will not happen. So no my head won't explode, because as long as Ted is GM, I will have low expectations.

My head might explode listening to you rationalize Ted Thompson!

brad said...

MGD Mike - I wasn't saying your head would explode because you're an idiot...not at all. I thought another 6-10 season under Ted would make it explode.

How can you say the system worked, when you thought their defense sucked last year? And if it was proven to work, it must have had good players to do so. Yet, you disagree with that too?

Anonymous said...

MGD - so you would have kept this defensive staff??

mgd mike said...

Do I think the entire staff needed to be fired...No! It seems to be Ted and Mike passing the buck.

I am not in favor of firing coaches just to appease the masses. It may be the best thing and spark the team, but the problems never seems to be put on the crappy players of the person who assembled these crappy players.

How many times do you here guys call in sports talk shows and blame the play calling or the coach. When in fact if the jerk player would have done his job and would have worked out fine.

The Packers problems are deeper than Defensive coordinator. The problem is at top, I am sorry you guys can't see that! You all are probably to young to rember Tom Bratz as GM ....but this team is starting to remind me of that era!