Monday, January 5, 2009

Cranberries - They Make It Eeeeeeaaaaaaaasy to Be Good

This would make Brad's year, and we're only 5 days into it.

With Ned gone, and Powell perhaps on his way to Atlanta, Brad's Brewers are shaping up very nicely, regardless of who rounds out the pitching staff.


Goldy said...

I will miss Kermit the Frog appearing when the Brewers make a clutch play.

brad said...

Wow...a late Christmas gift. I knew I was extra good this year!

All I need is some one to trade for Suppan, Hall, and their contracts and 2009 is already a winner in my book.

Charlie Marlow said...

Who will fetch beers for Uek now?

Gregor said...

Brad, why don't you like Powell?

woziszeus said...

I concur...Jim Powell appears to be nothing more then a solid radio man with a funny laugh.

Brad, is there a story here?