Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaps to Fill : 2009 Milwaukee Brewers

There was another Brewer Round Table with 6 local blogs over at Bernie's Crew this morning. The topic this time was looking at some under the radar type acquisitions the Brewers should look to make before Spring Training.

Some interesting thoughts all the way around. Besides myself (ahem), Brew Crew Ball was the only other blog to mention the need for some backup in the middle infield. Everybody seems interested in getting some more help at 3rd base, which I don't think makes much sense considering we have 4 in house options right now.

Feel free to check out and post some comments about what you think.

One last note to our friends over at BTB: Gentlemen...2009 is not a rebuilding year for this team.


Charlie Marlow said...

I like how Jim Breen left in your "Dick over at 2-bagger".


Anonymous said...

Orlando Hudson.


management said...

Way to represent, Woz!

highplaya said...

Woz's comments were the only ones that made sense to me. We need a new Counsel, and cheap starters for depth as starters and relievers. I don't see why people think Melvin will waste money on an average third baseman, when we are already wasting it on Hall, and have two top infield prospects a year or so from the majors. As for the bullpen unless we ship Hoffman, we should just stockpile cheap power arms. Hopefully we find one or two who can get outs.

Krey said...

The lineup looks pretty clear, however we definitely need some pitching which will come as no surprise to anyone. I don't have any constructive suggestions, but if someone decent is looking for a long term home in Milwaukee, otherwise we'll just rent a pitcher if we get off to a good start early. Hundreds of talent evaluators have tried and failed to put together solid bullpens, so I think I'll have to give the nod to the HP on stockpiling arms. I wonder if Jamie Moyer or Kenny Rogers are available? Or Jimmy Key for that matter.

Krey said...

Good work on analyzing which gaps need to be filled

woziszeus said...

Thanks Krey...gap filling is indeed one of my areas of expertise.

Ba-Boom Ting! Thank you! Thank you...I'll be here all night!

Matt said...

Rim shot!

Charlie Marlow said...

Ken Rosenthal is saying that there's a deal close, and Trevor Hoffman will announce later today who he's signing with.

Then again, he had CC signed in a couple different spots and the Cabrera/Cameron deal done twice, so who knows.