Friday, January 16, 2009

Championship Sunday

I thought it was TinyTony, WI.

To be honest, without having a rooting interest, I think I like the conference championship games better than the Super Bowl. You have two games of utmost importance, you don't have a two week build-up the leaves you wishing they would just play the stupid game already, you don't have to watch the game with people who have no clue what is going on.
It's football, pure and simple. 6 plus hours of exciting football watching. Plus, you can say things like, "I would have never guessed his name is Clancey Pendergast" when they show the Cardinals defensive coordinator.

Anyhow, my picks for this week are Arizona and Pittsburgh. Arizona has actually played a good game in the playoffs. I don't think you can say that about the Eagles. Their D was good on the short yardage stops against the Giants, but their O has been shaky. My only fear here is that the Cards can't run. I am a little more indecisive about the AFC game. I like the Ravens, but they seem a little banged up right now, including Jim Leonhard who concussed himself on the Crumpler fumble. I think Willie Parker will eat them up.

What are your thoughts?


Lance's Other Nut said...

Parker against the Ravens D this year:

2.8 YPC...

Charlie Marlow said...


I'm leaning Eagles/Ravens.

I'm really biased against the Steelers. I sincerely hate that huge douchebag who fondles the center's nuts for them. I used to like them in the Greg Lloyd days, but I can't stand Roeierthslisburgers.

And I don't know that the Cardinals can get past the Eagles. I'm really totally indifferent on both, just that I'd rather not have the Steelers go.

Also, I'm with you--waiting two weeks is stupid.

garcia said...

either way, next year the pack will play at least one team that will have gone to the super bowl... possibly two!

I'll take eagles/steelers, with the eagles taking the cake.

Anonymous said...

Copy that on the Roethisburger is a douche thought.

Anonymous said...

Arizona and Pittsburgh seem to be the "trendy" picks this year, and since the public are idiots, I'm going with the Eagles and Ravens.

Matt said...

Clancy Pendergast - I vaguely recall someone making that crack during the Cardinals/Panthers game, though I was concussed by a Spotted Cow (or a herd of them) that night.

Goldy said...

Matt, I still haven't figured out what the heck we were supposed to look up on the computer.