Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1983 Fleer Autograph Project Update

The most recent autograph obtained. Mike looks like he was a bum they picked up off the street.

You may remember from a few weeks back when Brad posted a story about a guy trying to get every card in the 1983 Fleer set autographed. Well, our friend 'Duk over at the Big League Stew tracked down the guy, Scott Mortimer, and talked to him about his quest. Looks like Scott has 435 signatures to date, good for 64% of the set. You can follow Scott's progress here.

Being a big baseball card geek in my time, I think this is a pretty interesting endeavor. It will be interesting to follow this.

Just some random 1987 Fleer I felt like posting.


Krey said...

Thank you Goldy, I thoroughly enjoyed that post.

Anonymous said...

Deadspin ran that article via the big league stew a month or so ago, and the Billy Ripken card is a rare piece of art. F*CK FACE. haha