Friday, December 26, 2008

Why I Want Detroit To Beat Green Bay

Why I want Green Bay to lose on Sunday:

  • Better draft pick.
  • 5-11 or 6-10, does it really matter?
  • Detroit feels a little better about themselves and gets some false-hope for next year.
  • It will make next year's 11-5 turnaround more dramatic.
  • Seriously, I feel bad for Lions fan. A whole season winless? That's just cruel.
  • To see the God#4 Nation and TT Hater's blood boil even higher. That's always comical.
  • This would prompt a gigantic 1,000+ word rant from Matt.
  • Next season's tickets would be available at a reduced price. A win-win for everyone.
  • It might incite the largest snowball fight in recorded history at Lambeau. Sweet!

Actually, F all of that. NO WAY I want to lose to the Loins!! Yes, the Loins.


Anonymous said...

Even the better draft pick might not happen with a loss. The 4 teams either tied with us or with a 4-11 record all face teams either already in the playoffs or still playing for a playoff spot, so they'll likely all lose anyway, keeping us at #10, so we might as well win the game.

Anonymous said...

I heard GB is at #8. I'll take your word for it.

Matt said...

I'd like to see Ted get fired on account of his general inability to successfully accomplish any of the tasks required of a GM. If a loss to the Lions would accomplish that, I'm all for it.

If not, I'll just continue to systematically destroy him as an anonymous blogger on the internet. I'm sure that will do the trick eventually.

Charlie Marlow said...

I'm actually rooting for history. Much I like was rooting for an 0-16 Dolphins and perfect Patriots last year (after GB was out, of course).

Who cares what spot our draft pick is in? TT will likely trade it away. But at least he'll get 19 extra 7th round picks for it. That or he'll draft another lineman who's been injured his entire senior season. Since that's worked out so well.