Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey, the Badgers Play Today

It seems like it's been an eternity since Wisconsin last played a football game. Well, it has been quite a while.When we last saw the Badgers, they had to come back to beat Cal-Poly. Probably one of the worst Badger games I have ever been to.

I guess I am not sure what to expect from this team. Part of me thinks,that maybe the team that was supposed to be so good in the pre-season will finally show up and play a complete game minus the stupid penalties, bad coaching decisions and terrible special teams play. I think P.J. Hill will rush for 150 and Clay will be productive on his touches.

But, then I remember the collapses against both Michigan schools and the lack of effort against Penn State and Iowa. I remember that the Badgers are without Beckum and that Casillis is out and Levy and Gilreath have injuries and Shane Carter is suspended. Actually the Carter suspension is a plus, I hate that guy. I was watching the 99 Rose Bowl this morning and Doering came up and made an open field tackle on a RB at the 10 to save a TD. I think Carter would have about a 2% chance of making that tackle. However, he would be so out of position, he wouldn't even be in the neighborhood of making the tackle.

Quick aside, that D was awesome in 99. Those guys were tough. Also Keith Jackson mentioned that Donnell Thompson sold soda's at Camp Randall. I never knew that. I also didn't know that Jim Leonhard was from Tiny Tony Wisconsin and that Anthony Davis could dunk a basketball in 7th grade and that Nick Davis could catch a BB in the dark.

Anyhow, I would like to think that a good Badger team will show up today, but I just don't see it. I see FSU winning by 10 in a clunker of a game. Looking forward to Curt Phillips and Johnny Clay leading this team to better things in 09.


Anonymous said...

UW will probably get killed, but at least nobody will be watching.

Charlie Marlow said...

Yeah, I'm so torn. I mean, this is my team!

But, then again, Bielema's a dickhead. Not just on the field, but off the field. I almost want him to fail so badly that Barry starts really questioning him. But, its pretty hard to root against your team.

All in all, I don't think it will matter. The Bowden factor will beat BB down.

I think it will be more like a 13 point differential, in favor of FSU.

Goldy said...

What the Fuck. FSU hasn't done dick all half and they are up 14-3. Why was Wisconsin passing from inside the 10 with a minute left. Shouldn't they have been running out the clock?

Goldy said...

I try not to complain too much about officials, but these guys are brutal. Their spots in the first half were terrible. I don't think there was conclusive evidence that the WR was down on the non-fumble and then the yardage thing after that.

For me, the best was on FSUs running TD. Apparently your Fullback can get out of his stance and take two steps towards the Line of Scrimmage prior to the snap. Who knew.

Goldy said...

Let me add that roughing the punter call as well. What a fucking joke.

garcia said...

I asked Santa for a complete firing of the Wisconsin coaching staff and a firing of McCarthy and Mr. Sanders.

I've been pretty good all year except when I watch football games so I hope Santa pulls through and gets me a late Christmas present.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Goldy... who the hell are you talking to here?? 3 consecutive posts... no response. Get a life Wisco nerd.