Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 17 Crazyness

  • Dallas-Philly, winner gets in, loser goes home. 44-6!! Holy Crap! That REALLY speaks for the character of your team if you lose by 38 in a must-win. Wow.
  • Speaking of must-wins...God#4 and the Jets? Bwwwhahahahaha!!! More on them in another post.
  • Back to Dallas. Huge in-season trade with Detroit for WR Roy Williams. In a Cowboy's uniform: 10 games, 19 catches, 198 yards, 1 TD. You think they'd rather have their 1st, 3rd, and 6th rounders for this guy? Probably.
  • Another must win...for Tampa. I think they had an outside chance to get in the playoffs. Instead, they lost to the Raiders?? At home!!
  • Indy, the most dangerous non-division winner ever?
  • Minnesota won the NFC North. Perfect. This insures Brad Chilress will be back next year, and maybe the year after that. A win-win for NFC North teams. Nice win squeaking it out vs David Carr and the rest of the Giants 2nd stringers. No, really. Congrats.
  • Anybody watch the game in Buffalo? Good Lord!! 60 MPH wind. Short field goals were slicing worse than my drives off the 1st tee. The f_cking goalpost got knocked out of place, for God's sake!
  • Scanning the box scores shows this line for Browns QB Bruce Gradkowski: 5-16, 18 yards. Ugh.
  • I disagreed with McCarthy's play calling and decisions this year, but I have to give him one thing: They played hard at the end of they year when they had no reason to. Last week, the Bears had everything to play for - the Packers nothing. Yet, Green Bay totally out played them...until F-ing it up in the end. Same this week. Sure, they didn't want to be "that team" to lose to Detroit, but I'm guessing the Lions had more to play for than the Packers. Now they're in the history books. Probably for a really long time.
  • Great block by Daryn College on Wynn's big run. Took out 2 guys. He's been crushed the last couple years (deservedly so) but was probably their best, most consistent/versatile O-Lineman this year.
  • Will Blackman defines "Boom or bust." Boy does he suck when it's not "boom."
  • The past few games, Rodgers does not seem bothered at all with cold weather. Weird for a California-kid.
  • Those poor Lions. Calvin Johnson, Ernie Sims, Jeff Backus, and Kevin Smith are the only guys worth a damn on that entire roster.
  • How about my Super Bowl pick: Jacksonville over Dallas. Oops. Shut up, how about yours?
  • Packers, 9th pick. Don't bother with draft research, I'll do it for you. I promise.


Todd said...

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." Mark Twain is a genius. I think Chuck will be ok in the cold.

Those Roy Williams stats are ridiculous. I plan on using them to bury the one guy I knew who thought it was a stroke of brilliance by Dallas to acquire him.

Matt said...

Jeez, who saw that 6-win season coming for the Packers this year?

Oh wait, I did.

And I wouldn't bother researching the draft candidates at #9. I'm sure that top 10 pick will become pick # 38, 267 and 987 once Ted is done with it.

garcia said...

The Pack won't actually use a first round pick until 2015.

Wrigleyville said...

using doug melvin's logic, i thought the jets had won the afc west?

ClownShipLollypop said...

I guess I was wrong on the 4-12 season. I was really hoping they would lose to the Lions because I figured that would be the nail in the coffin for TT.

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see Favre choke again and Rodgers go over 4k yards for the season. All the Favre loyalists don't realize that if we would have let him come back, Rodgers would have left as soon as his contract was up, and we'd be left with nobody.

Packers need to use all their picks in the first 3 rounds for OL and DL help. It won't be popular with the dumber fans who want "name" guys and skill positions, but we're pretty decent everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

matt, garcia. Ted traded out of the first round once, when it was the 29th pick...i dont get it.

Matt said...

Anonymous, the point is that Ted is a serial trader-downer in the draft. He has traded down 12 times in his 4 drafts with GB. He has never traded up.

Part of it probably has to do with the fact that the NFL gives a big trophy to the Youngest Team in the League each year. If you can't make the playoffs, you might as well pick that sucker up each year. Plus it keeps cap space open so he can re-sign Donald Lee.

woziszeus said...

Or Aaron Rodgers...who just happens to be 2nd best QB in the NFC.

Matt said...

Check that - he did trade up once. I forgot about that blockbuster where he traded his 7th rounder in 2008 for a 6th in 2009.

I retract all of my prior criticisms of Ted Thompson.

brad said...

Wow, Matt. A little testy after Favre un-clutched his way out of the playoffs? Ted did trade up once last year.

And don't pat yourself on the back for predicting them 6-10. You're still off by 9 games in two years after picking them to go 4-12 in 07. Ha.

Anonymous said...

He traded up for Jeremy Thompson last year.