Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Three positive things from last night.

  1. Ruvell Martin had a heck of a block on the Grant TD.
  2. Grant broke his firsyt tackle of the season on that play.
  3. Most importantly, with a Bears win, the Vikings have a shot to not make the playoffs. I hate the Vikings. Would much rather see the Bears in the playoffs.


AP said...

That might've been the best looking screen play the Pack have run in 5 years.

Finley actually caught a football.

I reaching for anything here......

Anonymous said...

The defense was very good. gave up 218 yds and 2.8 yards per carry and even had 3 sacks!

D'Amico's one good year said...

6)Rodgers helped drive the team for what should have been the game-winning fieldgoal, which will hopefully help his late game confidence (a little)
7)I will not have to listen to Kornheiser try to talk with Brett Favre's dick in his mouth again for a while.

Anonymous said...

We obviously lost on purpose, hence we didn't challenge that spot on 4th down w/ 3 minutes left. That is one of the worst moves ever to not challenge. There is no reaosn not to challenge, we don't need a timeout with 3 minutes left only needing a filed goal.

Anonymous said...

That non-challenge of that spot was crazy.

Who knew Kyle Orton was 15-2 at home?? WTF?

Anonymous said...

This was an important loss as it guarantees us a top 10 pick regardless of what happens next week.

If we would have won, we could have easily fell to 15-16 if we would win next week against the Lions and a few of the other 7-8 teams lost.

Gotta look at the bright side. And it's not only one of the first 10 picks, but also in the first 10 of every round.

Matt said...

The only thing that I could see as a positive coming from last night is if Ted Thompson gets fired.

But that won't happen, because he's so smart.

D'Amico's one good year said...


I wish he would. He's fucking clownshoes.

garcia said...

other positives include...

McCarthy closer to being fired for his conservative play calling that he denies.

Jarrett Bush and his "Fledgling" career will soon be blossoming in another city (and another country... get ready Canada).

TT will most certainly trade down this upcoming draft at least two times...that's not really a positive, it's just fact.

They did not hand the ball to Kuhn on 4th and 1!!

On a side note about Kuhn, I lost count as to how many times he tried to block someone for Mr. Grant and got absolutely obliterated!! He's the worst fullback I've ever seen. Is William Henderson still in town?