Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pitching Help

Now that CC is officially gone, the Brewers need pitching. 1 or 2 starters (preferably 2). Who is out there? My incomplete list, feel free to add if you have other ideas. This is either free agents or guys who have been rumored to be available via trade.

AJ Burnett. Ben Sheets, only more expensive! Pass.

Derrek Lowe. Is asking for an astronomical amount. Pretty good pitcher. Way too expensive. Plus, he's a sinkerballer and with the rock-solid Milwaukee infield defense, that isn't a good thing. Pass.

Oliver Perez. Was lights out for one season in Pittsburgh. Since then? Fell to rock bottom, then dug himself back to respectability. Big K guy, lots of walks, lefty. Again, will be expensive. No major injury history and is much younger than Lowe. Although more appealing than Burnett and Lowe, I'll pass.

Ben Sheets. Pass, unless its a 1-year deal or is full of incentives.

Jon Garland. Serviceable. Would cost a draft pick as a Type B free agent. Maybe if the price is right.

Randy Johnson. Still a good pitcher, when healthy. Balky back. Motivated to get to 300 wins. Doesn't cost a draft pick. Appears to be satisfied with a 1-year deal. This would be a stop-gap until Jeffress is ready. I'd pursue this.

Jamie Moyer. Meh. If they got him I wouldn't be angry, but he's playing hardball with the Phillies right now in his contract demands.

Brad Penny. Has been hurt a lot. Is a very good pitcher when healthy. Started an All-Star game recently for the NL. Sound familiar? Pass.

Braden Looper. By the magic of Dave Duncan, has been a decent starter the past few years. Magic likely wears off upon leaving St. Louis. Pass.

Randy Wolf. I guess you could do worse. But you could probably do better.

Curt Schilling. I have no idea what you would get with him. Would be worth a shot on an incentive-laden short-term deal, which is probably unpossible.

Freddy Garcia. See Schilling, Curt.

Pedro Martinez. See Garcia, Freddy.

Matt Cain. The Giants say he's not available. Rumors dictate otherwise. If they could trade Prince for Cain I would do it. But that's just me.

Jonathan Sanchez. Has been rumored to be in a potential trade for Jorge Cantu. I don't know how the Brewers would be able to compete with that offer. Goldy might remember Sanchez as the guy that pitched against the Brewers in the home opener last year. Or, given his BAC that day, he might not remember that.

Brandon Morrow. This guy is supposed to be a stud. Again, rumored (along with Putz) in a deal for Prince. I'd be OK with this in that it fills the closer and a starter with upside.

Jake Peavy. He doesn't like Milwaukee. I wonder if he knows that you can hunt deer here? If he wanted to come here, Milwaukee would have to give up pitching to get him. Which kind of defeats the purpose.

There's my incomplete list. Feel free to add others. Melvin will have to earn his money this off-season.


brad said...

I've always liked Lowe. What is he asking for?

Charlie Marlow said...

If Brad Penny can be had for 3/30, I don't see it as a bad signing. He's only two years removed from a stellar 2007.

Randy Wolf? No. Randy Johnson? No. Peavy? Too much. Cain? Yes, please. Sanchez? Ok, but what's the price?

lofty said...

Maybe peavy doesn't like to hunt deer....maybe he hunts....cougar poon.

Matt said...

The last I saw Lowe was offered a 4 year $66 million contract. By none other than the Yankees.

Goldy said...

I do know Bill Hall hit 2 home runs, or something like that. I also know I did not like how the hat game was unfolding. At least nobody spilled cheese on me.

Charlie Marlow said...

We already have Jon Garland on the roster, his name is Jeff Suppan.