Saturday, December 20, 2008

Greg Bedard - A Real Beauty

His daily crusade against Ted Thompson includes this gem. It states how Jason Taylor's disappointing season might be a boon to the Packers as there's a chance Washington cuts him after this season. Bedard details that Taylor, 34, battled multiple injuries and only managed 1.5 sacks. Here's where it gets good. Almost in the next breath, Bedard rips Ted for not trading for Taylor this summer, calling it:

"In retrospect, it was a disastrous non-move."

WTF? Didn't he just explain that Taylor did next to nothing while eating up an $8 million salary? He continues to ramble about the failings of KGB (even he could have gotten 1.5 sacks), how Taylor was a fiery, take-charge leader the Packers needed, and how GB was not on Taylor's list of locals when looking for a trade (so, it wasn't possible in the first place? Yeah, Dancing With The Stars guy is coming to NE Wisconsin?).

Then, the real bombshell. Bedard states:

"The Packers would be instant Super Bowl favorites in the NFC next season if they did two things: Sign Haynesworth and trade for Taylor."

Whoa!! No way Bedard believes this. No chance. Why?

1) He spends all his time hammering Ted (which is fine), there's no chance he'd endorse the rest of the roster to the point that all they need is Al Haynesworth and a potentially washed-up Jason Taylor to leapfrog the Giants, Cowboys, and Panthers. Even I (ultimate Packer optimist) don't believe this.
2) He's throwing this out there, so when Ted doesn't sign these guys he can say: "Look, all he had to do is sign two guys and they'd be NFC favorites" all of next year.

What a tool. At least he has some opinions, unlike everyone's favorite - Mike Hunt. The headline of his most recent article: "Thompson's Plan May Be Suspect." Oooo, way to take a stance one way or another with that headline! Couldn't stomach reading the actual article.

A quick aside: Big Al and Peppers are the crown jewels of this year's free agent class. Unfortunately, they're not coming to Green Bay. They're not going anywhere. Al attended which college and plays for what NFL team? Both Tennessee. He's not leaving. Peppers takes it a step further. Went to high school in North Carolina, played college ball at U of North Carolina, and the Panthers are located in, you guessed it, North Carolina. I'm thinking he really likes the Tar Heel state. Not making early excuses, just stating reality.

The Milwaukee Urinal-Sentinel with yet another gem. Bob McGinn, who makes Bedard look like he's the President of the Thompson fan club, has this caption about an article about Aaron Rodgers:

At this point in his fledgling career, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers rates as the 19th-best quarterback in the National Football League.

OK, then. I can't read the entire article because I'm not a "Packer Plus" subscriber. Yeah, like I'm gonna pay 45 bucks to read what Bob f_cking McGinn has to say? I'm not sure how he came about Chuck's 19th best QB rating, but that's not the real point. Say what you want about Rodgers - doesn't deliver in the clutch, doesn't have Brett's leadership, injury-prone, whatever - can you really describe his career as "fledgling?????" That's ridiculous. David Carr's career is fledgling.

Can someone please remind my why I still read this newspaper? D. Orlando Ledbetter was better than these clowns!!


Todd said...

Wrong Brad. His name is clearly stated on every article: Greg A. Bedard. Yes, A. Greg A. Bedard.

Brad said...

Ah, got it. I'll let others guess what the "A" stands for.

Thanks for the link you sent us, Todd. Maybe Monday I'll make a similar post.

Wrigleyville said...

actually, "fledgling" means:

1. a young bird just fledged.
2. an inexperienced person.
3. young, new, or inexperienced: a fledgling diver.

pretty sure that's not david carr, who has been in the league for 7 years.

santo's other leg said...

WV needs to spend the time spent nitpicking things here on correcting the spelling, grammar and overall use of the english language that is so terribly poor on his own blog.

brad said...

My bad. I obviously thought the word "fledgling" had a different meaning.

My credibility is now ruined...wait, I never had any....

wrigleyville said...

the sensibilities of chuckie hacks commenters never cease to amaze. the proprietors aren't ninnies, but so many of their readers sure are.

but what can one expect from someone named to mock a person's disability. stay classy.

nobody said...

Brett Favre is awesome

jpj said...

brad - david carr could be a young bird just fledged.

Anonymous said...

Brad, you may rip Bedard and McGinn for ripping on Thompson (justifiably so, IMO), but you should take Ted Thompson's cock out of your mouth before posting.

Anonymous said...

I meant that Bedard and McGinn are justified for criticizing Thompson.

Brad said...

Ummm, actually, I was disagreeing with Bedard’s belief that the roster Ted assembled was good enough to be favorites in the NFC by only adding Haynesworth and Taylor. If Ted’s sausage was in my mouth, wouldn’t I agree %1000.

Thanks for the advice, though.

D'Amico's one good year said...


Haynesworth wouldn't hurt...

But you're right, he's not going anywhere.


We love you. How do you feel about Adam Dunn wanting to be a Cub?

Brett Favre said...

If they signed me we would be super bowl favorites b/c I'm God.

Just look at my last 6 weeks w/ the J E T S, I'm not showing off my 39 year old body at all. Seriously why couldn't my defense shut out the Hawks so we could win 3-0. At least I made the Pro Bowl, that is the only Bowl game I wanted to play in this year to shove it to TT anyway. said...

Jets: Can’t say we’re totally surprised. This wraps up an 0-4 trip to the left coast this season, with losses to three teams that aren’t close to the playoffs (SF, Oakland, Seattle) and one that may or may not make it (SD). They traded for Favre to get to the playoffs, and in the last four games, the old man has shown his age: six picks, one TD.

D'Amico's one good year said...

You know what that is?


Anonymous said...

Taylor did have two sacks yesterday. I agree that Bedard is a hack, but his timing is uncanny.

kantwistaye said...

Wow, you guys got TBL commenting on here now.

Anyway, while Bedard's points are off, he's right in criticizing Thompson. Last year's team was unfortunately a fluke. We haven't really lost anything at the QB position, but every other position is showing their true worth - which isn't much. Our secondary sucks, our D-line sucks, our linebackers took a huge step back, and our O-line is non-existent. Finishing with 5 or 6 wins with this team says a lot about how good Rodgers and Jennings are, because outside of them, we don't have much of anything.