Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't Beat The Oilers!

Still the Oilers in my mind. I would say Green Bay will win, until I read this little stat:

"Texans Oilers tailback Steve Slaton rushed for 359 yards and three touchdowns in the past three games."

That's all I need to know. Thus concludes the worst game preview in Chuckie Hacks history - now that's saying something.

Houston 30, Green Bay 28


woziszeus said...

Big money this weekend on Marquette and the Packers.

Easy money baby.

WizzyConsin said...

watching the packers makes me sick these days...

Anonymous said...

now we have to lose out at least so we get a top 10 pick. that and the jets' 2nd rounder should help.

mccarthy has to go. just awful decisions. reviewing the 2-pt conversion when everyone knew it was good, these awful line drive kickoffs. ugh.