Monday, December 8, 2008

The Baseball Universe Thinks CC Will End Up In Milwaukee

First of all, Brad I love the new digs. I think there's a "lipstick on a pig" joke in here somewhere, but I'll let it lie.

The NY Post would have you believe that the Brewers are leading the CC chase:

Prior to Yankee GM Brian Cashman's meeting with CC Sabathia yesterday in Las Vegas, there was a feeling in the baseball universe the stud free-agent lefty would eventually re-sign with the Brewers.

I don't know where the baseball universe has its headquarters, but it's probably housed somewhere in New Yankee Stadium. Or in the US Bank Building in Milwaukee next to Commissioner Selig's office.

Now, there is talk of the Brewers, who have offered five years for $100 million, exploring ways to entice the 28-year-old Sabathia, who went 11-2 with a 1.65 ERA in 17 starts after being acquired from the Indians.

According to a source who has talked to the Brewers, the club has enough money to sweeten the pot and offer "contract flexibility" that could include an opt-out clause after three seasons.

I'm still not buying it. Amber has never said that she wants to be in Milwaukee.


kantwistaye said...

I want to believe this, but I can't until he actually signs with us.

lofty said...

I have a really hard time believing the union will let that happen.

Todd said...

Would throwing a CCFest on the Summerfest grounds help him make up his mind to stay put? The grounds just sit idle during the winter. You know Freeway would show up.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Forget it, let's just go ahead and rename the team:

Something along the lines of The Sabathia Brewers of Milwaukee?

Been Cobra'd said...

If anyone visited the Clubhouse "sale" this weekend you'd be more inclined to believe this story. It was PACKED and there deals to be found but they also were selling used helmets $250 per, Jerseys low end call-ups and Coffee for $200 and up and cracked bats with duck tape low end $175. It was the let's keep CC sale. Personally I ended up with 2 golf shirts and a Brewers Nutcracker. No Christmas season should be without one.

Anonymous said...

If by some miracle we sign CC, Prince has to go. Those 2 will be enablers for each other as they eat their ways out of the league.

Anonymous said...

Now officially 6 years $120 mil. Could get interesting.

Charlie Marlow said...

Is that official? I haven't seen anything official about the 6/120, simply speculation.

And you got a Brewers Nutcracker? Insert joke about Sabathia's wife here...again.