Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Was It Colonel Mustard In The Library With The Candelstick Holder?

Who did it? A certain Chicago Bear had a postgame meltdown and punched a hole in the locker room wall last Sunday.

“There is a hole in one of the walls of the visiting locker room,” said Aaron Popkey, the team’s manager of corporate communications. “We’re not certain how it occurred, but it would appear it took place over the weekend.”

Any guesses?

Brian Urlacher - He's a prime candidate as he's part intense, part team leader, and part meathead.
Rashid Davis - Pissed that Kyle Orton is his QB.
Tommy Harris/Dusty Dvoracek - Played like they were on roller skates all afternoon, getting mauled by College, Wells, and Spitz.
Olin Kruetz - Guy has a history of punching teammates, why not a wall?
Rex Grossman - I could see him geeking out for no good reason...like that unstable guy at every college house party.
Corey Graham - Was embarrassed by Jordy Nelson who drive blocked him backwards for 22 yards on that Grant run to the 1 yard line.

I've got to go with Kruetz


woziszeus said...

It was Orton after he downed a bottle of Jack.

Tim said...

I'll have to go with Tommie Harris. As my neighbor put it as he brought over my 12-pack at about 2:45 (this years prize in our annual wager), "Imagine how different this game would have been if Tommie Harris and Devon Hester had played." Well put, Bill, well put.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Relax, Lance Briggs just drove his car through the wall.

santo's other leg said...

i'm going to go with lovie smith after realizing that his streak of beating the packers at lambeau, and one of the few reason he still has a job, is over.

Matt said...

It was Brett Favre. Obviously.

garcia said...

Brad Childress... to remind the refs what he would do to them if they didn't start giving Minnesota all of the calls

rex jaybels said...

Definitely Kruetz. The guy hit a teammate in the head with a weight.