Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Torres Retires

According to Tom H., Salomon Torres retired. Again.

He promises that this is it - he's done (remember he retired upon being traded to Milwaukee, and he also retired about 10 years ago).

This saves the Brewers almost $4 million, meaning that Brad can add this to the conspiracy theory. Clearly Attanasio told Torres to retire in a cost-cutting move. Torres was not really an option for closer again, but it would have been nice to have him in the bullpen because he was useful. Perhaps one of the 2 other biggest moves this offseason (other than hiring Willie Randolph) will be finding a reliable closer.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Torres will retire, unretire, retire again, and then demand his job back a week before spring training.

Anonymous said...

Der-rick Tur-n-bow?

garcia said...

k bye

Smith said...

The career saves leader is now on the market. I hope Miller Park has "Hell's Bells" on their playlist.

Justin said...

It's clearly Doug Melvin's fault. How dare he want to know if Torres intended on coming back, and how dare he insist on knowing this before February. I hope Torres decides to come back in March and we trade him to the Blue Jays. I for one would become a Blue Jays fan and take great joy in watching Torres playing out east, and sticking it to the Brewers by putting together an average season for a team that has no importance or bearing on the Pack...I mean Brewers success.

Charlie Marlow said...

Actually they paraphrased him. He really said "fuck it dude. Let's go bowlin"

Matt said...

Those of you trying to draw a Favre comparison are stretching it a bit (or a lot).


(a) this was Robin Yount retiring, and

(b) Doug Melvin had drafted an up-and-coming centerfielder with no big league experience except on IR as the heir apparent to Yount, and

(c) Robin Yount was coming off a season in which he finished 2nd in the league MVP voting, and

(d) the Brewers were coming off of a season in which the team lost in extra innings in Game 7 of the NLCS on an error by Yount (boy was it cold in the dome that night), and

(e) Yount felt pressured to make a decision on his retirement prior to free agency out of deference to the team's need to plan for the future, so he made a decision in early November, and

(f) Yount felt that he still had some baseball left in him in February on the eve of Spring Training and asked to be allowed back with the club, but the Brewers, fearing a PR nightmare and having "moved on" to the new young gun in CF, locked him out of camp then traded him to the Blue Jays, and

(g) It turns out that the new young gun had a lot to learn about playing CF in the major leagues and the Brewers struggle in the first half of the next season, while Yount has his team playing well and in first place in a competitive AL East.

Then you might be able to draw a comparison between the two situations.

Charlie Marlow said...

Oh, and Trevor Hoffman? Are you serious? He's 41, and has been pitching in San Diego for the past 15 seasons. Miller Park is a little league field in comparison. He's on the decline, and I'm going to go with a "no." Unless he wants to sign a 1 yr $2MM.

woziszeus said...

Ha...well played Matt.

nuff said said...

Jets last 5 games. bengals, raiders, chiefs, bills, rams

AP said...

True Matt....but that whole "2nd place in MVP voting" is a bit of s reach too, isn't it?

By comprison, every single other player on the Packers finished in a tie for 3rd place in MVP voting last year. Rodgers didn't even throw 30 passes last year and he only trailed Favre by 1 vote.