Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not That It Matters Much....

I know, I know...the game is long over. I wouldn't have given them any thought, until I saw ripping these two officiating calls/non-calls.

The first safety - clearly, there was a receiver within the throwing area.

Peterson takes off helmet after final touchdown - Where was the 15 yard penalty?


It seems the VP of Officiating is also pissed about the Peterson Helmet non-call: Link

“I can’t figure out why anything wasn’t done about that,” Pereira told Randy Cross and Peter King, “but I will say this: It frustrates me that we didn’t do anything about that. You can’t take your helmet off either to argue a call or to celebrate. If you’re in a time out period or a measurement or a challenge there are times when you can take your helmet off on the field. Or when you’re nearing your team area when you approach the bench. But when you score like that, when you remove your helmet you should be flagged. Or when you take off your helmet to argue with the officials you should be flagged, too, and it frustrates me, quite frankly, that we didn’t do that.”


Lance's Other Nut said...

I was at my buddy's bar screaming for the flag after the AP TD. Everyone thought I was dumb.

Tim said...

The safety was bullshit. If that happened on the 35 yard line there would have been no question.

The helmet penalty is a no brainer, too. He at least should have been penalized for that ugly do-rag he was wearing.

Todd said...

Tim, funny you mention the ugly do-rag, as it wasn't an officially licensed NFL Equipment do-rag, which should technically bring him a league sanctioned fine.

Charlie Marlow said...

Wasn't the popular line "if it was Brett Favre, that wouldn't have been called a safety"

Whatever. They just penalize the Packers to penalize them. What are we averaging? 200 yards of offense and 170 penalty yards?

Fucking bullshit.

AP said...

There were some other phantom calls in that game too, like the one on 3rd and long for the Vikings were Wade went down and just got tangled up with Harris to force an illegal contact. Not the best day for the zebras.

AP taking his helmet off after the TD was the 2nd time he did that on Sunday, and no call both times. He also took it off to argue the call on the fumbled 4th down carry (I see that the update mentions that). Every close call or missed call went against the Packers, and it seems resonable to say it had an affect on the outcome. It's cool, provided Chicago gets the same treatment this weekend.

Justin said...

That game was one of the worst officiated games I've seen in some time. As many have gone over at length, the first safety was garbage, the Peterson call, the flag on Al Harris, just an awful performance by the Zebras.

That being said, the Packers didn't lose because of this. Even if the Vikes had to kick off from their own 15 do any of us think that would have mattered? The Pack only got the chance to take a 52 yard FG because of luck gift catch Driver hauled in over the middle.

I realize the safety gave the Vikes 2 points in a 1 point loss, but this one isn't on the officials, as bad as they were.

If Hercules Hochulie got down-graded after screwing up in the Denver/SD game earlier this year, this whole crew should get suspended or canned.

Matt said...

It's a league-wide conspiracy to make Green Bay look bad and, by extension, make Brett Favre look good.

The networks are in on it too. ESPN? NBC? CBS? In the league's pocket. FOX too. Even Jay Glazer isn't touching this story.

Charlie Marlow said...

Yeah. Its a conspiracy.

garcia said...

There were some awful calls, yes... all of the aforementioned plus the non- hands to the face where a vikes lineman clearly has his mitts in Kampans facemask and even turns the helmet in front of the official... result? No Call!

The call that got me the most was the Al Harris call that turned a punt into points. Complete crap!

However, if your "defensive" "coordinator" is not going to commit to stopping Adrian Peterson by bringing up some linebackers to the line, and if your "coach" is going to settle for a 52 yard field goal at the end of the game, then they don't deserve to win!

Also, the offensive pass interference non call on Sidney Rice on the Vikes' first drive where Trammon possibly could have picked off that ball but instead got pulled back by Sidney "not even close to Jerry" Rice, who then laid down on the next play to give a touchdown to that douche! Again, right in front of the ref.

garcia said...

And another thing, all of the coaches come in complaining about our cornerbacks who are apparently too physical and get called for something every other play! That's why the Pack's secondary gets flagged as much as they do, they are too physical and too good and opposing ass-hats like Brad Childress complain because their QBs suck and need something/someone to blame other than himself and their assy QBs.

Tim said...

There needs to be a change to the illegal contact rule. If the play is already going to the opposite side of the field, pick the flag up. It had no effect on the play, just like a pass interference call being reversed because the ball is uncatchable. There is no difference.
If you insist on calling this, then give it the five yards, but an automatic first down is crap. There must be some reason that practically every defensive penalty results in a first down, but I can't think of a good reason. If you intentionally foul someone because they are going to burn your ass instead of trying to recover and make a legal play-that is just good strategy.

Hal said...

"A receiver within the throwing area" What?

Did the ball cross the line of scrimmage? Does it matter all that much if the safety was due to intentional grounding or what they called?

The anti-zebra said...

Yes, it went past the line of scrimmage and Tory Humphrey was close to the pass. Rodgers was outside of the "tackle box." So that's the point, how could this possibly been called intentional grounding?

garcia said...

It wasn't intentional grounding. It was an illegal forward pass due to the awkward throwing motion, at least that is what the refs called. since it happened in the end zone, it resulted in a safety.

The explanation was all the more reason to question the call.

From watching favre throw passes from his back for years, I found that "pass" to be extremely normal (and legal).