Monday, November 24, 2008

Run, Johnny, Run

Because Badger fans and alumni Matt and Goldy refused to post about Badger football all year, I will.

Can someone please explain why PJ Hill continues to get more carries than Johnny Clay? Every time I watch, Clay seems faster, more explosive, makes better reads, and is generally a better running back. Am I wrong here? Yet, Hill always ends up with more carries. Why?

PJ Hill - 211 carries, 1021 yards, 4.8 ypc
Clay - 144 carries, 845 yards, 5.9 ypc

The bigger question deals with Bielema. The "Fire Bielema" chants are loud and clear in certain pockets of Madison. It's not that Bucky's lost games - an off year will happen - rather how they've lost. Badger fans are steamed they're losing because of mismanagement and coaching, rather than sheer lack of talent (they did return like 16 starters, 11 of them seniors). Bad clock management, dumb penalties, a bad QB decision to start the year, disorganization at times (see, OSU TD run), and a certain "softness" are the reasons for the disappointing year…and can all be a reflection of the coach.

What do you think of Bielema?

A) He's our guy for the long haul
B) If next year is 7-5, ax him
C) The program is getting worse, not better. Fire him now
D) This guy's a lunkhead, bring back Don Morton


Matt said...

This is like asking should McCarthy be fired right now. He had something like 21 returning starters this year, but is 5-5, losing some games in questionable fashion (hello, Minnesota) and his team is highly penalized, portraying a lack of discipline.

Is anyone asking for his head? Not that I've heard.

I'm not ready to toss Bielema into Lake Medota, but if this becomes a trend I'll reconsider. The first thing he needs to do is find a QB.

brad said...

NFL is a whole different animal. Even a great coach like Bill Cowher had multiple losing seasons.

ArmchairGM said...

what worries me about BB is that most of HIS recruits stink, especially on the defensive side. I am worried what the D will look like next year when guys like Casillas, Levy, Chapman and Shaunasey are gone.
If Chryst gets more head coach looks this off season and there is a chance he might leave UW, I would can BB to keep Chryst. He is the only guy that seems capable on the coaching staff.

Matt said...

My point was, asking for either of their heads at the current time is rather dumb. Bielema has had a bad year. Let's see how he responds before moving to replace him. I think a decent QB who doesn't make crippling mistakes would have cured a lot of the Badgers' ills this season.

Let's face it - this team was vastly overrated to begin the year. Yes, there were returning seniors, but there was no depth on the D-line or in the secondary, and no experience at WR and QB.

Anonymous said...

Evridge had experience at QB

Goldy said...

Clay is known to fumble. I was at the game on Saturday and there is really not much to say. I have plenty of Wisconsin Football and Basketball thoughts to post if I can ever get around to it.

Goldy said...

I will quickly say this. Another disappointing season in 2009 and you will be hearing about head coach Paul Chryst and his 2010 Wisconsin Badgers.

marshalledwards said...

7-5 next year, the question is then does Barry have the balls to fire the guy he anointed without even anyone else being interviewed -- that is my concern. UW should have at least sniffed around a little to see what interest existed.

I think BB is a clown (and not the good kind that post here), but I'll give him another year to prove it.

Anonymous said...

As a senior who went to every game, and went to msu for that shitshow, I think Bielema has done a pretty awful job this year. I wouldnt fire him, but I wouldnt be surprised if he does get canned. The stupid mental mistakes like the holding/offsides at msu, the playcalling with osu, the entire second half of the michigan game, and the offsides issues and total lack of adjustments agains cal poly are embarassing. Bielema is consistantly outcoached. Also, yeah, Clay fumbles too much, and PJ dances too much.

garcia said...

Bielema was brought in as a defensive specialist. His Defense sucks!

K Bye

Any Racine Case grad said...

Park sucks balls.