Monday, November 10, 2008

Doug Davis Update/Flashback

Anybody remember this gold nugget? This was a watershed post in Chuckie Hacks history as it:

A) Introduced Woz to Chuck, and
B) Got into such a tizzy, the entire existence of their site was questioned on the message board.
C) Is still the biggest, boldest, mudslinging piece of "journalism" in Hacks history. Good times.

Anyway, it seems Mr Davis recently got engaged to his Eau Claire hottie. Here's the wedding announcement from the EC Leader-Telegram. Don't know if the Spectator confirmed the story. I like how it says Davis pitches for the D-Backs "In Phoenix," like he works for ABC Consulting or something like that. Thanks for the clarification.

Big Thanks to Jagr for the link.


Sharbuno said...

Impressive Rock he gave the little lady.

Jagr said...

She's a North Chick...North Chicks = Easy.

ArmChairGM said...

It is nice to see an attractive lady on this site for once, Mrs Davis is 10 times hotter than Trenni.