Monday, November 10, 2008

Addition By Subtraction?

Nick Barnett out for the year. He was having a brutal year anyway, so could this possibly be a good thing? Hopefully we won't be watching Des Bishop whiff on tackles as much as Barnett did.

If this does turn out to be a pawsitive, can we also shut down Clifton for the year?



AP said...

A torn knee ligament should prevent him from running himself out of every play.

Todd said...

I can't believe we don't have Abdul Hodge anymore. What were we thinking? He would have kept AP in check to the tune of -4 yards rushing, just like Barry Sanders in the playoffs.

Sorry, I was just trying to be like the posters on JSOnline.

Goldy said...

I am looking forward to many more solid tackles from Bishop, much like on the Taylor TD.

Charlie Marlow said...

Yeah, looking forward to more late hit flags.

kantwistaye said...

As bad as Barnett had been so far, there was at a chance he'd get back this season. I'm sure Bishop will improve with more playing time, but he was awful yesterday.