Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"What did I do wrong?"

This article is a must read. Stop what you are doing right now and give it a nice 10 minutes. You won't be disappointed.

It's a "where is Steve Bartman now" piece that has a little bit of everything. It gives a history of game 6 (I forgot they were up 3-0 in the game!!), quotes from his old friends and people who were around him during the actual game, and stories from the fallout.

I particularly enjoy the parts where the security guards tell their stories of getting him out of Wrigley.

Four blocks from the stadium, Bartman told the guards he'd be OK and encouraged them to return to Wrigley. "He was shaking our hands and from across the street someone recognized him - 'That's the guy!' " Amundsen said. "They were screaming. People were following us, yelling at us."

Ahhh...just rich stuff. You've got to love that franchise. I wonder if these were the guys the guards were referring to?Found linked on Sports by Brooks.


Charlie Marlow said...

Hard not to feel bad for the dude. Its pretty hard to believe that an entire fan base can put the failings of their team on the field on some guy who wasn't.

Anonymous said...

I remember that night well, it sucks youtube took that game down.

Wrigleyville said...

1. charlie - the whole fan base dosn't blame him. in fact, the overwhelming consensus i get in traffic/comments/conversations is that game 6 is the fault of:

a. alex gonzalez, for booting the ball.
b. dusty baker, for not making a pitching change sooner.

2. woz - thanks for the update. please summarize the last quarter century of brewer playoff success with such vigor.

Anonymous said...

wrigleyville, how many playoff games have the cubs won the last 5 years?

you really need to spend less time here and more time working your awful, low-traffic blog, son.

management said...

Easy now. WV is welcome on our fine site anytime.

Wrigleyville said...

oh, i'm used to the berating by anonymous, who spends an odd amount of time at wv23 telling us to "shut up," calling people names and generally embarrassing the good state of wisconsin. he even showed up sunday to taunt the bears, which was odd - as the proprietor is a colts fan who lives in pennsylvania. not all that relevant, but then again neither is anonymous.

anonymous is a strict adherent to the bob melvin school of relevancy: "hey, we're better/almost as good as/kind of like the cubs - if you carry the one, divide by three and count only odd numbered years!"

Matt said...

What does the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks have to do with any of this?

Wrigleyville said...

you know i like to call him bob melvin.

it's like when your former boss kept calling ambassador holbrooke, "hal."

Charlie Marlow said...

Sure the whole fanbase is coming around and realizing who was really to blame for the meltdown.

But if you're going to sit there and say the entire fanbase DIDN'T blame Steve Bartman that day, week, month, hell year, I name you crazy blogger.

You know as well as I do...and eveyone I know who is a Cubs fan...that Chicago blamed Bartman. Its in the article...did you read it? They had to shelter him from an angry mob.

Wrigleyville said...

oh, yes, it's horrible how he was treated. i believed it from day one when i saw it on bad footage in thailand.

i NEVER blamed him. not once. and many of my friends were the same way.

you won't catch me defending cubs fans as a whole, however (see wv23 post: "Why (Most) Cubs Fans Are Assholes)."

Charlie Marlow said...

Fair enough. Objectivity is sometimes hard to achieve from such a subjective standpoint. I mean, I was in denial about Ned Yost until halfway through last season.

I'll check out that blog entry.