Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Packer Apologies

I'm a sucker for Top-10 lists. In response of Tony Manderich recently apologizing for his unforgettable performance in Green Bay, Mike Vandermause of the GB Press-Gazette gives 10 more examples where apologies are long overdue.
Any you would like to add?

-- Defensive end Joe Johnson hoodwinked GM Mike Sherman into signing him to a six-year, $33 million free-agent contract in 2002, then promptly went in the tank and played just 11 games.

-- Cletidus Hunt took the money and sat on his can. The Packers signed Hunt to a six-year, $25.3 million contract in 2003. In return, Hunt stumbled through two underachieving seasons.

-- Sherman inexplicably wasted two draft choices by trading up to select mediocre punter B.J. Sander in the third round in 2004. Sherman compounded the error by keeping Sander on the 53-man roster in 2005 even though he didn’t play.

-- Forrest Gregg fled town in 1987 after a disastrous four-year coaching rein, never told his assistants he was leaving and to this day hasn’t spoken to some of them.

-- When he was alive, Dan Devine should have said he was sorry for his ridiculous trade of five high draft choices for washed up quarterback John Hadl in 1974, the worst transaction in NFL history. At the very least, the executive committee that hired Devine and nearly let him ruin the franchise should have gotten down on its knees and begged forgiveness from fans.

-- Ken Stills and the late Charles Martin were thugs on the field, and their embarrassing late hits in losses against the Chicago Bears in the mid-1980s were shameful. It’s bad enough playing on a terrible team, but there’s nothing worse than losing disgracefully.

-- Cornerback Mossy Cade came to Green Bay in exchange for a first-round draft choice in 1985. He left in shackles and shame after being convicted of sexual assault.

-- On most counts, former GM Ron Wolf deserves praise, but his worst decision was hiring Ray Rhodes over Andy Reid as head coach in 1999, a move that may have cost the Packers one or more Super Bowl appearances.

-- The “fourth-and-26” playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in January 2004 will go down in infamy as a game the Packers bungled badly, and those responsible know who they are.

-- Speaking of painful postseason defeats, referee Gerry Austin and his crew failed to see a Jerry Rice fumble late in a January 1999 Packers-49ers game, which cost the Packers the game and chance to make a deep playoff run.


Goldy said...

As I have said many times, that Jerry Rice fumble killed me. It also killed the Packer run as it was Holmgren's last game.
I also think they should have traded a 2nd for Gonzalez.

Wrigleyville said...

goldy (or brad or whichever one doesn't like bucky) - how have you not posted the devin harris video yet? it's been out there 2 days.

marshalledwards said...

I still contend that Charles Martin legally blocked Jim McMahon.

brad said...

That's me. The company IT Nazi's wont let us watch videos, so I have not viewed it yet.

Goldy said...

As an alumn and proud season ticket holder during the Dick Bennett era, I am a huge Badger fan. It is Marquete I dislike. Honestly, some goofy white dude dribbling through Harris' legs wasn't that exciting. I thought this gu was going to dunk on him or something.

Goldy said...

I dislike Marquette so much, I can't even spell it right in the previous post. Then again, I suck at spelling.

Wrigleyville said...

it's on deadspin now, brad.

it's still amusing, goldy. white english guy in sweater and jeans ... good times.

Anonymous said...

Mark Chumura doesn't make the list?

How about Reggie and his bizarre analysis of racial groups on the floor of the Wisconsin Assembly?

Anonymous said...

Don Majikowsi for his mullett

AP said...

Sherman should spend about an hour and a half apologizing. The 2004 draft went Aamad Carrol, Joey Thomas, and then trade up to get BJ Sander. You could pull names out of a hat and draft better than that. Also, before the 4th & 26 play, Sherman electing to punt rather than ice the game and go for it when he had Green at RB, and one of the best offensive lines in Packer history still makes me angry. I was at the Seattle game in GB the year they went 4-12, and Sherman ran a reverse in the red zone that went for a huge loss when they needed like 7 yeards for a TD. I could go on and on about Sherman....his apology to me would take forever.

Todd said...

ap, don't forget Donnell Washington in the 2004 draft either. The Big Turd himself.

I'm convinced, seriously convinced that Sherman had no clue the draft was two days, resulting in GBs two second day picks of Corey Williams and Scott Wells.

AP said...

Todd-I, like the rest of the world, had indeed forgotten Donnell Washington. Sherman was terrible.