Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sheets Has a Hamstring Pull In His Forearm

Buster Olney (via exchanged emails with Ben Sheets' agent Casey Close, who had this to say about Sheeter's latest injury.

"His forearm muscle [strain] was the equivalent of a hamstring pull and it simply needed time to rest. No real treatment was needed. He's fine and should be 100 percent in a month."

100% in a month? Maybe. 100% next September? Riiiiiiiiiiiight.


ClownShipLollypop said...

What a crock of shit. If it wasn't a big deal why the fuck weren't you out there pitching game 4 instead of Tampon getting lit up?!

Fuck you Sheets. Take your glass body somewhere else.

To Recap: Sheets is a cork soaker.

Anonymous said...

So is it possible we could have Sheets next season? Because, really, what GM is going to sign him with his history of injury almost every season. We could get him for a huge discount from the 10M he made this season right? Get him to sign an incentive loaded deal. I wouldn't mind having Sheets around at a much smaller salary as long as Melvin doesn't count on him being an all season starter. Am I missing something?

ClownShipLollypop said...

The problem is he is ALWAYS hurt when we need him most. You can't build your pitching staff around an "Ace" that is constantly on the DL. Granted, he's awesome when healthy... 4 weeks a year.

I guess I've just had enough.

Matt said...

Someone is going to sign Sheets to a big dollar contract, and it won't be the Brewers.

Been Cobra'd said...

Don't look for the "Il ike it in Milwukee" Discount from CC either. As many of us have discussed the union won't let him accept anything but the top offer.

from's Heyman:

The Yankees apparently want to sign two free agent starters out of C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Derek Lowe. If Sabathia is one of them they'd be looking at a total outlay of $200MM or more. Ken Davidoff of Newsday notes that Sabathia might feel pressure from the players union to take the highest offer.

greatone said...

Sheets will get 4 years, 60 million

garcia said...

I predict sheets will pull a finger muscle while signing his new multi-million dollar deal. He'll pull it when writing in the date thus prompting the legal question as to when he was under contract during the signature process.

He will proceed to be out 2-3 months.

Anonymous said...


If some GM gives Sheets more than $10M per, I will buy you your cocktail of choice over a two hour period at you establishment of choice. Just ain't no way it'll happen.

Goldy said...

There is no way Sheets signs for lees than 10 Million per. Greatone, looks like you have a free drink coming your way.

garcia said...


Would you rather have Suppan @ $10 million per year or an often injured Sheets @ $10 million per year?


marshalledwards said...

good question, garcia -- I think Soup is washed up, which means I'd take Sheets on the bet that I'll at least get a few good starts out of him, a few more than I'd bet on from Soup.

greatone said...

Suppan 2006 stats:

Year Team W L ERA G GS CG
2006 STL 12 7 4.12 32 32 0

Sheets 2008 stats:
2008 13 9 3.09 31 31 5

If you don't think Ben will get at least 10 million your nuts, I'm not saying he is worth it, but certainly has better stats than soup had in 2006. Yes soup had the NLCS MVP, etc, but still.

Anonymous I will have to think I want 2 hours of free cocktails.

Charlie Marlow said...

Hamstring pull in his forearm? Is that similar to the lacerated vagina he had earlier?