Thursday, October 9, 2008


Good question by Garcia that deserves its own post.

Choose one:
A durable Suppan @ $10 million per year: or,

An often injured Sheets @ $13 million per year?

I bumped the Sheets amount up to make it more interesting.


greatone said...

I would have to say Sheets, even though the guy is a pussy he did start 31 games this year. You can actually win games b/c of Sheets. I don't think Suppan has much left in the tank. How many games did Suppan pitch 7 innings and give up 2 or less runs this year, there can't be man, under 5 for sure.

Look at it this way if we had Sheets signed for 2 more years at like $22 million instead of Suppan we could get some sort of a trade from some team. There isn't a team in this world that would trade for Suppan with that contract right now.

ClownShipLollypop said...

If I have a choice between Soup and Sheets... I chose soccer.

Anonymous said...

eh, they both are roughly .500 pitchers, so flip a coin

woziszeus said...

Flip a coin between Jeff Suppan and Ben Sheets? Really? Somebody actually wrote that?

Please. Ben Sheets.

D'Amico's one good year said...

Sheets. Simply a better pitcher. I'll take 13-6 over 13-13 anyday.

AP said...'s not even close. 160 innings of Sheets have WAY more value than 200+ innings from Suppan.

Anonymous said...

But with Sheets comes the chance of a 75 inning year...

AP said...

Except for the fact that he's never had a 75 IP year, so the odds of him having a down year like that are really not that much worse than any other pitcher.

His worst year in 8 years is 106 IP, 7 out of 8 years of 140+ innings.

He threw just short of 200 innings this year and everyone if freaking out. What is that, like 2-3 missed starts?

In no way is he a work-horse or innings eater, but Christ. Even with missing around 160 innings in '06 & '07, he averages over 180 IP a year the last 7 years.

Comparable to Suppan=No f***ing way

Charlie Marlow said...

Is option 3 "scoop eyes out with spoon?" If so, I choose that.

ILuvDaBush said...

Well given the makeup of our current team, I would go with Sheets. 150 Ace-like innings is worth more than 200 innings at #4 quality...or should I say it is worth more to our current team to have the ace at less of an average IP for $3mil more? A healthy Sheeter is worth twice the price of a glorified bullpen tosser.