Monday, October 20, 2008

Pack is Back??

As the game went along yesterday, did anybody get that feeling and catch yourself saying to yourself or whoever you were watching the game with: "This looks like the Packers of last year...this is what I've expected out of them all year long."

Game of the year no doubt. Statement game...if you will. The Colts were coming off a week in which they obliterated arguably the league's best defense. They were supposed to TEAR up GB's secondary, since Peyton was going to have all sorts of time to throw.

Saint Thomas...saint happening!

Our secondary was able to blanket their top 2 receiving threats. Our offense ran the ball efficiently and chewed up enough time (particularly in the first half) to allow our athletic secondary to have enough gas to run with their receivers yard for yard the whole game. Seriously, C. Woodson was within a yard of whomever he was guarding at all times. The guy is just playing absurd right now.

So while the D-line is still below average when it comes to a pass rush, you've got to like where this team is going into the bye week. We'll hopefully get some contributors back (Bigby and gasp...Harrell?) on the defensive side as the offense steadily improves.

To win 10 games this year...the Packers will have to run the ball the way they did Sunday. Let's hope Ryan Grant and the O-line figured something out.


Anonymous said...

The 2 Bears games will be huge. I think the only way we make the playoffs is to win the division.

AP said...

I heard it's possible we might get Harris back after the bye week as well. The secondary has been pretty good without him, so I'd think that getting him and Bigby back would only make them better.

Nick Collins is having a very nice year. That was as good as the Pack have looked in quite some time. I thought we'd lose by 3 TD's.

brad said...

Chuck Woodson is playing great. Guy has a fractured toe! A cornerback able to play at a super high level on a fractured toe? Kudos Chuck, kudos.

garcia said...

No props for Trammon Williams? He's been a stud too!