Sunday, October 5, 2008

One Man's Rankings of the Cubs Playoff Failures

Wrigleyville23 ranks his disappointment in the 2008 Cubs among prior playoff disappointments (presumably in his lifetime).

The results are indicative of the level of disappointment that the Cubs have inflicted on their fans.

The 2008 squad only ranks as the 3rd most disappointing team, behind the teams in 2003 and 1984. Even though the 2008 version was his favorite team of the bunch. And the 2008 version entered the playoffs as the prohibitive favorite to win the pennant but barely showed up in getting swept by the Dodgers.

That's a lot of disappointment. Ah well, there's always next year I suppose. I wonder if there will be any shakeup on that roster? The Cubs, as presently constructed, appear built for winning the NL Central but not built for winning any playoff games.


Woz said...

Another year, another inevitable cubs collapse.

It's just a lack of heart. Simple as that.

Here comes the excuse/comment train from WV...

Wrigleyville said...

i'm sorry, woz. we'll be happy to stop linking/commenting at chuckie hacks, if that's what you prefer.

but as a colts fan and (former) red wings fan, i can say: i would much rather make the playoffs frequently (more than every 40 years, as was previous cub policy), which increases the likelihood of a championship (and increases the enjoyment of baseball - i, for one, will trade playoff losses for stopping caring in july). others would prefer to mope and blow things up (get rid of lee, ramirez, soriano - anyone who isn't white, basically).

if that's something to mock, so be it.

and woz, at least i link to chuckie when i have something to say about the brewers or something you all have written here. that's just common decency.

Anonymous said...

Brewers playoff wins in last 5 years: 1
Cubs playoff wins in last 5 years: 0

That'll get me well through the winter and most of next season :D

Anonymous said...

The great thing about the Brewers is they had plenty of heart. CC and Prince certainly must possess the most enlarged hearts in all of baseball.

OldStyle26 said...

I hope that one playoff win does get you Wisconsin boys through the winter, seeing as your Badgers aren't winning the Big Ten anytime soon and the Packers just lost to the Falcons and a rookie QB. Hey, but at least you have that sleazeball Bo Ryan for Badger Basketball!

Also, be sure to enjoy the next several months of CC talking a good game about wanting to come back to the Brewers, when all he is really doing is trying to increase the bids from the Yankees and Angels. Should be good times up North!

Goldy said...

"Sleazeball Bo Ryan" Seriously, where do you guys get this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fan base has some sand in its vagania.

Todd said...

Old Style, your post makes next to zero sense. Sure, there's some mud slinging going on now between Crew/Cubs fans. But that's like a Crew fan saying to you, "I hope your NL Central division title gets you through the winter," when all Cubs fans thought the WS was the goal. Sure, the Badgers suck, but Illinois ain't winning the Big Ten, we thought the Packs offense was that good too after playing Detroit.

brad said...

As a Marquette fan, far be it for me to defend anything Badgers, but "Sleazeball Bo Ryan."

WTF? Couldn't be more wrong.