Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bob Ford Thinks Your Fans Suck

A fellow named Bob Ford, a columnist in Philadelphia, was not impressed with the crowd at Miller Park last night, saying that the crowd "wasn't all that loud."


As we left the stadium last night, I chatted with a Phillies fan wearing a Chase Utley jersey.

He said to me, unprompted, "You guys are too loud here. Everywhere else I've watched a Phillies game on the road, I could make myself heard. Not here. Not tonight."

Evidently, Bob needs to turn up his hearing aids. Or adjust the volume on his TV set. Or wander into the actual stadium rather than holing up in the press box eating sausage.


Wrigleyville said...

Thank you to the classy Brewers fans that stopped by WV23 to take more joy in Cub failures than Brewers success. Quite a life you've all carved out for yourselves.

Oh, and nice job mocking a man who lost his feet to diabetes. Keep lecturing us all about class.

Matt said...

Brewer fan, WV. Brewer fan.

All teams have their share of gloating, insensitive fans. The Cubs are no exception.

On the whole, I'll take Brewers fans over lots of other fan bases. Lots of nice stories in the Philly press about how friendly Brewers fans are in Milwaukee.

Wrigleyville said...

is the one brewer fan using different IP addresses in different wisconsin cities over the last week, matt?

if so, she is smarter than i thought.

Wrigleyville said...

but, yes, matt, all teams have such fans, including the cubs. that's why we do our share of cub fan mocking.

and congratulations on the good stories on your niceness in the philly press. that will be useful for the chamber!

Matt said...

You seem crabby. Something got you down?