Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meet your new Brewer Manager! appears we landed old Ken.

A couple quick hitters about our new boy:

-Ummm...yeah...for those blowhards that already want him to be appears this domain name has already been taken up.

-Yeah, he was in the big leagues for a while, but you know what...he only has 1 more major league home run then I have. So there.


Matt said...

Since he wasn't a home run hitter maybe he'll play small ball. That is, if they completely remake the roster.

I am happy - I think this is better than Brenly and Randolph.

I also am happy that Cubs fans will likely now have to continue to listen to Brenly on WGN telecasts.

Goldy said...

Is that an '81 Fleer? Does he have any O-Pee-Chee cards?

Anonymous said...

The guy doesn't sound too bright. One minute he says the manager is responsible for wins and losses and then he says the players on the field are responsible. Make up your mind, Kenny.

I think the short 2-year deal and Melvin's insistence on Sveum being on the staff means that Macha had better perform otherwise at the first sign of problem or if the team doesn't like him, he's gone.

Ned Yost said...

Ummm, I'm not sure what's going on here.
Ummm, Is this Macha character going to be assisting me?
Ummm, did this season start yet?
Ummm, where am I.

Been Cobra'd said...

Sounds like Yost to me. Sticks with Pitchers too long, in love with a yough second baseman and never sit Kendell. And from the sound of that post It dosn't look good for Rivera

Keith Ginter said...

if you listen to the press conference

he tells a story about how he benched jay payton, only gave him a few starts in the OF, until he raised his ON BASE PERCENTAGE.

A direct shot at one MR. Corey Hart[ly getting on base]. IF Corey doesn't get on base, there wont be any, "thats his game, he swings at the first pitch."

it will be "yes i know rivera has never played RF, but we need someone to get on base."

garcia said...

yeah but...

doug melvin credited Macha as developing young talent such as "Marquise Grissom, Tim Salmon, Jermaine Dye (i'll give 'em that) and Delino DeShields"

Really? Those were the best guys you could think of? Or were those the only guys Macha has "developed?"

Brauny trumps those guys by himself