Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bucks Looked Better, Thunder is a Terrible Nickname

I again watched about 40% of the Bucks game last night, and it looked a lot better. The Thunder (is that a dumb name or what) is a bad team, but I still saw signs of things to like from the Bucks.

In one possession in the first quarter, all five players touched the ball in what ended up being a dunk for Bogut. Three of the passes were especially shocking - Redd passed up an open 3 because Jefferson had a better look, and then Jefferson saw that Charlie V. was open down low with an even better look, and then when the defense collapsed on Charlie he got it to Bogut for an uncontested shot.

It almost brought a tear to my eye. Almost.

This could have been a tough game, it being the first game of a new franchise's existence and all, but the Bucks pretty much removed the crowd from the game by racing out to a big lead and then held on for the rest of the way.


Goldy said...

Good win for the Bucks. Watched most of the First Quarter, and like Matt, was shocked by the Bucks ball movement on the play he described.
About the Thunder, what a generic logo. I guess I don't know what you can do with Thunder, but the logo is pretty much a basketball with the letters OKC above it. The generic logos in Double Dribble were better than this.

Lance's Other Nut said...

Wouldn't something like "Tornadoes" make more sense...

Just as bad, but isn't it Oklahoma where every year we see some poor shmuck outside of what used to be his double wide

highplaya said...

I thought Bombers for a team name.

Anonymous said...

Wow, look what happens when you have a PG that isn't looking to score every possession *coughMOcough*.