Friday, October 24, 2008


I had to do it.

The Packers roll into the bye with a little swagger back in their step and guys are finally getting healthy. With the currently undefeated Titans next, how good does 4-3 going into the bye feel instead of 3-4? That's was a BIG win last week. Tennessee provides all sorts of challenges, which we'll get into next week.

By the way, the McCarthy's just had a daughter a few days ago. Congrats, Coach!


Todd said...

oh i'll be in TN for that game, looking to get 2004 UWL drunk. Perhaps a sign attacking one Young comma Vincent is in order? Or one that reads, "The only good things about TN are Clifton and Wells."

Keith Ginter said...

McCarthy should name her brett

I wonder whose the bigger baby?

brad said...

You could always make a "Coctail Kerry" poster.

Todd said...

That might be the best, he's so overdue to lose a game for those guys.

Matt said...

I wonder what McCarthy named his kid?

Leading candidates are:

1. Gap Assignment McCarthy
2. Pad Level McCarthy
3. Technique McCarthy
4. Mental Mistakes McCarthy

brad said...

Matt, you forgot "Cleaned-up McCarthy"

Justin said...

You guys are overlooking his all-time fav, "Pawsitive McCarthy"

That or Erin

Todd said...

What if Mike Sherman has another kid?

No a little bit mo bout that tahmarrah Sherman