Monday, October 27, 2008

Chewy Crushes Sharpe

Tuned into "The Homer" radio show mid-conversation with ex Packer TE and hot tubber Mark Chmura. Homer basically asked which of his ex-teammates was the biggest douchebag. Chewy quickly pointed out Sterling Sharpe and proceeded to hammer on the guy. He did preface it by saying he was a great guy outside of football, but an A-hole in. The highlights:

- Mike Holmgren hated Sharpe. Hated him so much that, even without the career ending neck injury, Chewy believes Sterling wouldn't have been back in Green Bay in 1995.
- One year, Sharpe went the first 11 weeks of the season without practicing. Doctors cleared him to play, but he just didn't want to practice. Holmgren couldn't do anything about it.
- Sharpe refused to sign autographs for his own teammates. He told them to "mail it to my house," instead of signing in the locker room.
- Refused to talk to the local media...only talked when ESPN or FOX came by.
- The capper: In the team meeting the night before opening weekend of 1994 (vs Minny), Sharpe gathered the squad, stood up, and declared he would not play tomorrow without a new contract.
- He also said Jackie Harris was a turd. The Toolbox Ed West and Keith Jackson were great.

There was more, but I was battling traffic and couldn't catch it all. Anybody else hear this? Good stuff...even if the source is Mark Chmura. Insert your own joke here.


DannyNoonan said...

Yeah, Sharpe was known for refusing to sign autographs. He refused to sign one for me when I was a like 10 or 11. His refusing to play without a contract is news to me. When Mark Chmura is calling you a douchebag, it really says something.

Goldy said...

That was big news back in the day when he said he was going to hold out. Honestly, he got wide open against Detroit in the playoffs for the first Packers playoff victory in my lifetime. That was good enough for me.

highplaya said...

When I was like 8 i sent Sharpe a letter asking him for his autograph for my brother's birthday present. Instead of sending just an autograph for my brother, he sent two autographed cards.

DannyNoonan said...

I should clarify. I knew he held out and refused to play without a contract, I didn't know he gathered the whole team together to make that statement.

Nubs said...

Personally my favorite part of listing to ESPN 540 is Chewy's Lowe’s Depot commercials. When he declares (paraphrasing) "for those of you who know me nothing is more important to me then my home and my family" - HA

Rex Jaybels said...

It doesn't surprise me at all. I listened too, and Chmura did say that Sharpe was a good guy off the field. It is a sad day though when Chmura questions your character.

blueguitarbob said...

Consider the source.

D'Amico'c one good year said...

I love old Packers dirt.

Sterling is a pile of dirt... but DAMN was he good on the field.