Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bear up?

Quick Trivia: Arizona leads the NFL in points per game with 28.6. San Diego is right behind them @ 28.0. Which team is tied with the Chargers for second in ppg? How about a high octane offense like New Orleans? Nope. Dallas? Nah. Giants, Philly, or Tennessee? Negative. How about the friggin Chicago Bears? WTF? Who saw that coming at the beginning of the year when the projected skill players were: Kyle Orton, Matt Forte, Marty Booker, Brandon Lloyd, Rashied Davis, and Greg Olsen? Who knew? Green Bay is tied for 4th with 27.7 ppg.

Arizona 28.6

San Diego 28.0

Chicago 28.0

Philadelphia 27.7

Green Bay 27.7


woziszeus said...

Kyle Orton still has nightmares about Eramus James.

lofty said...

or erasmus even.